NDT.net July 2004, Vol. 9 No.07

Mechanised and Automated Ultrasonic Testing in Production

Ultrasonic testing has been approved as a user suitable and meaningful non-destructive testing method for the inspection for faultlessness of components. Vogt Werkstoffprüfsysteme GmbH, Burgwedel has developed a new PC-based testing system with WINDOWS-operating system, called PROline for mechanized and automated ultrasonic testing in production.

The PROline system can be used in the aerospace-, aviation-, automotive-, railroad-, steel-, plastic- and ceramic industry as well as at universities and research institutions. It serves for the automated inspection of component integrity (e.g. in weld seams, solderings, in material-volume in forgings, castings- or plastic components, etc). By automation of scanning processes and combination with scan mechanics it is possible to do mechanized inspection of rotation symmetric or flat components and other shapes with low expenditure on personnel.

Furthermore the instruments and systems based on PROline offer good possibilities of adaptation to customer-specific hard- and software resp. integration into existing production equipment. This guarantees the integration into fully automated production processes.

The PROline system is used e.g. for the inspection of electron-beam weld seams of motorcar transmission control gears in immersion technique. At Volkswagen AG in Baunatal three ultrasonic inspection systems of type PROline-S are comprising of customers existing inspection mechanics and the new installed ultrasonic inspection technique.

Range of applications for the PROline-system

Multifunctional Windows-screen surface

The multi-functional screen display shows besides the A-scan also a C-scan as a precisely positioned coloured image. At the same time the evaluation of the flaws of the component which actually has been tested will be performed in digital form. A statistic function allows a trend analysis of the test results of all components which already have been inspected. The test results can be stored and then implemented into data management systems which can be used for statistical evaluation in the framework of quality assurance.

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