NDT.net May 2004, Vol. 9 No.05

YXLON International celebrates the 100th MU231 sold
With 100 systems in the market already - it is the most successful Wheel inspection system in the world

describes the structure of the System
The economical success of innovative products and production processes mainly depends on the use of efficient quality inspection methods. Growing demands for quality assurance methods especially for the casting industry leads increasingly to the use of non-destructive testing methods. Especially in the mass production of light cast alloy wheels, it is vital to use NDT technology to meet increasing customer demands for constantly high and distinct product quality.

It's not only about protecting the customer from defective safety-relevant casting parts like alloy wheels. It's also about quick, precise process feedback that provides relevant information to adjust the product process as needed for higher production yield. Accurate, precise description of an anomaly enables the casting process to be constantly adjusted and improved for a higher yield.

The non destructive testing done by YXLON's in line radioscopy systems is characterized by high contrast and spatial resolution, fast inspection as well as maximum up-time. Even in combination with YXLON's automatic defect recognition (ADR), the systems are easy to learn and operate. User-friendly graphical user interfaces provide direct process feedback to the casting cell and offer statistical data for further analysis.

YXLON International, the pioneer in automatic defect recognition and inspection systems for mass production of light cast alloy wheels, has sold over 270 wheel inspection systems worldwide over the last three decades. Many years of experience in X-Ray technology, digital Image analysis and system development has made YXLON a knowledgeable partner when it comes to safety and the economical success of our customer. With the MU-231 wheel inspection system, YXLON offers a standard with many performance enhancing options to meet our customers need.

The MU-231 has been sold 100 times already since its rollout in 1997. This high number shows that YXLON offers not only an outstanding and superior system concept and high quality product, but also provides fast, experienced and competent customer support worldwide.

Main task of the MU-231 x-ray inspection system is the 100% in-line inspection of lightweight alloy wheels. Depending on the test outcome determined either by a skilled operator or using YXLON's fully automatic defect recognition system, Y.AI/Rel.9, the tested wheels are precisely sorted according to the test result.

One of the fundamental new features of the YXLON.MU231 wheel inspection system is its robust and specially designed duplex chain manipulator. Translatory and rotatory movement of the wheel is done by the two chains that position the wheel between the x-ray source and image intensifier. By splitting the manipulation system into wheel manipulation and x-ray/image intensifier manipulator, the time for x-ray inspection is decreased even further.

Andreas Beyer, Product Marketing
YXLON International X-Ray GmbH, Essener Str. 99, D-22419 Hamburg
Fon: 040/52729-405; Fax: 040/52729-272; E-mail: andreas.beyer@hbg.yxlon.com
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YXLON International develops, manufactures, markets and supports X-ray based NDT systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Founded in spring 1998, YXLON International is the direct successor to Andrex (Denmark), Philips Industrial X-Ray (Germany) and LumenX (USA/Ohio). With an additional subsidiary in Japan, two sales offices in China and a tight network of representatives, YXLON International today offers X-ray based non-destructive testing systems and services all over the world.

Whether in the automotive, electronics or aircraft industries, YXLON International builds on its extensive experience - offering solutions which fit any manufacturing process to guarantee highest quality and safety standards for industrial products.

With the 2003 takeover of HAPEG Hattinger Prüf- und Entwicklungs-GmbH, a specialist for Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) systems, YXLON International has focused on the newest trends in industrial non-destructive testing and expanded its product range with CT solutions matching customers´ requirements.

The product line ranges from X-ray components and imaging systems, to stationary and portable X-ray systems to complete standard and customized X-ray and CT solutions.

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