NDT.net April 2005, Vol. 10 No.04

R/D Tech Offers Comprehensive Ultrasound Phased Array Training Programs

Québec, March 11, 2005 -- R/D Tech, a leader in NDT (nondestructive testing) products for industry and technology, has recently developed partnerships with major training companies in an effort to offer comprehensive courses in phased array technology and applications.

Recognizing the need for both basic and advanced training in phased array technology, R/D Tech has enlisted the support of Lavender International (UK), Davis NDE (USA), TEST NDT (USA), and Eclipse Scientific Products* (Canada).

Courses range from a two-day long Introduction to Phased Array program to an in-depth two-week Level II Phased Array course. In both cases, students experience practical training utilizing the portable OmniScan Phased Array unit. To ensure maximum hands-on training, no more than two students will share a unit. Courses lead to either recognized certification or to certificates of attendance.

Courses are currently being offered at training facilities in participating companies as well as at customer determined locations worldwide. Customized courses can also be arranged.

Established in 1989, R/D Tech specializes in the production of NDT systems. Headquartered in Québec, the company has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia and representatives in more than 40 countries.

See www.rd-tech.com for further details about R/D Tech phased array equipment and training.

For more information:

Michael Moles
R/D Tech Training Coordinator
R/D Tech Inc.
Phone: (1) (416) 831 4428
Fax: (1) (416) 255 5882
E-mail: michael.moles@rd-tech.com

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