NDT.net April 2005, Vol. 10 No.04

ECHOGRAPH 1090, our new digital UT flaw detector.

The new digital and light weight ultrasonic instrument ECHOGRAPH 1090 makes ultrasonic testing much easier.

This is the result of a small housing a large colour display (143 x 79 mm˛) for A-scan display, measured results and control menu which is good readable also from distances. clearly arranged keys for the main functions at the front panel and the avoidance of abbreviations in the menu.

An additional feature is the new wizard function control for guidance of ultrasonic operators with little experience through the main instrument settings and the probe calibration. The instrument with an aluminium housing is an absolute light weight instrument with only 1.6 kg including lithium ion battery for an operating time of 13 hours.

The thickness of the ECHOGRAPH 1090 housing is only 50 mm and it includes very fast digital ultrasonic electronic components with a pulse repetition frequency up to 1500 Hz, two gates to monitor the ultrasonic time of flight and amplitude, a large A-scan memory and two control lights at the front side assigned to the corresponding gates.
The ECHOGRAPH 1090 is consequently the perfect instrument for manual ultrasonic testing. The coloured rubber frame protects the instrument against impact damage and rough surface conditions and guaranties a stable standing.
The interface offers the possibility to use the ECHOGRAPH 1090 as an instrument in a small automatic testing system. This is due to the monitor signal outputs at the interface and the statistical processing of the signals.

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