NDT.net June 2005, Vol. 10 No.06

Imaginant Announces a New Product:
HR-200c Digital Camera

ROCHESTER, NY, USA (May 11, 2005) – Imaginant Inc., an international leader in the development of high quality industrial and scientific imaging digital camera products, introduces a 2 Megapixel color digital camera to its camera line.

“We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the Imaginant brand of high-resolution digital cameras,” said Richard Barrett, General Manager.

“The HR-200c color digital camera features a 2 million pixel CCD that produces photographic quality images and utilizes a Gigabit Ethernet Interface for fast camera control and image transfer. With its fast shutter-speed and action-stopping image capture this camera is just right for detailed image analysis and high quality print output. “ Barrett said. “In addition full control of EF-compatible lenses make it easy to focus and adjust aperture settings remotely,” he said.

The Imaginant HR-200c camera is well suited for use in various image intensive applications that require color, high-resolution images quickly. Example applications include surveillance and security imaging, digital portraiture, medical and scientific imaging and microscopy.

The HR-200c digital camera is available now.

About Imaginant Inc.

Imaginant Inc., a privately held company was founded in 1986 in Rochester, N.Y. The company designs, develops and manufactures a variety of digital cameras and other imaging equipment as well as industrial and scientific ultrasonic measuring devices under the JSR Ultrasonics brand. For more information about Imaginant or JSR Ultrasonics visit Imaginant’s website at www.imaginant.com or e-mail us at imaginantinfo@imaginant.com. Imaginant and JSR Ultrasonics are trademarks of Imaginant Inc.

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