NDT.net June 2005, Vol. 10 No.06

NDT.net expand its NDT Literature Database
Cross-Database of Exhibition, Forum and Literature builds
a Closed Loop of Information for Education and Business

During NDTnet's 9 Years on the Internet the collection of articles has risen to the impressive number of about 3000. Thanks to a Full-Text Search Program it is very helpful to find the desired information. A draw back of such a Full-Text Search is the leak of structured information. Even Internet Search Engines like the famous Google have this disadvantage. We all know for example the "ultrasonic" search also delivers ultrasonic welding, - cutting - cleaning drilling etc. Of course someone can use "ultrasonic testing", but still the search returns hundreds of thousands of results. NDT.net does not complain since we rank first on the list. Such a search is still missing the ability to narrow the search to a particular content type; like, is it advertising, an article or a news, etc. Also not possible is to limit the age or date of the content.

A more comprehensive search can be archived with a true database which is comprised of content in certain fields. NDT.net has used this type of database for many years for Exhibition, Virtual Library and Forum Members. Using this method it is an easy matter to find what is new in the database, or to find something in a certain country.

You may wonder why it has taken such a long time to offer the same search method for Articles and News. Initially we hesitated since articles are large files and a search through a database would be very slow. Another drawback is that Internet search engines cannot get into database content. For that reason we decided to offer both search methods in parallel. The database search consist only the so called Meta information of the document. This includes Title, Authors, NDT Methods (Keywords), Date, and Abstracts etc.

A first stage of this new Article & News Database is now ready. However, since capabilities are endless, it is an ongoing work of creating more enhanced features. Some of the features are already visible, like cross-links to the exhibition database, links to authors' profiles. Much more will follow in future. Other content of NDT.net like Events, Encyclopaedia will follow step by step into the Database.

The new database is another milestone in our effort to build a search of "World NDT literature from one BOX". The search-form list field "Sources", shows the major contributors to NDT.net. Many Conference Organizers or Publishers decided to participate in this global literature resource. Those Publishers considered this to be beneficial to the NDT community (their members or authors). We encourage other Conference Organizers and Publishers to participate in our literature resource, of course, as well individual authors, as usual.

Even using Google it is difficult to find information if it has been exclusively published. Some may think that a link from NDT.net to their homepage does the same, so why add the content physically onto the NDT.net Server? This may be true as we do this partially in our Virtual Library for entry pages. But practically this method is impossible to maintain for single articles of a foreign server. Often such remote content moves or even disappears from the foreign server. This results in broken links.

NDT.net is more than just an e-Journal. But is it a Database? It may be called an online 24 Hour Conference & Exhibition (we are only missing the coffee). It doesn't matter what name we call it, most important is that NDT users find the content they need in a way that is efficient. Getting the desired information quickly and efficiently from such a vast collection of material provides the satisfaction desired.

The Cross-Database of exhibition, forum and literature builds a closed loop of information for education and business.

Try the new Article & News Database at www.ndt.net/search/docs.php3.

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