NDT.net June 2005, Vol. 10 No.06

Test of Tests for New 'Master Scanner'

When the Swedish Qualification Centre required a 'master scanner' to test inspection pieces at its Stockholm laboratories, it turned to Phoenix Inspection Systems.

The centre, an independent body set up by utility companies to qualify NDT inspection systems, had commissioned a collection of weld samples with built-in defects for use in qualification examinations of NDT engineers. However before the samples could be used, the centre needed to carry out its own inspection of the weld samples to determine exactly what flaws they contained. Phoenix Inspection Systems was asked to develop the equipment for use in these initial tests.

Karl Quirk, Phoenix's managing director, says: "The test pieces consisted of a whole variety of components, of varying sizes and geometries. Testing them all using standard equipment would have required a number of different scanners. The solution was to provide one piece of equipment which could be adapted for different geometries. Effectively we created a kit of parts which can be reconfigured to inspect different components."

The system is based on a turntable which can be adapted to scan everything from 100mm diameter nominal bore nozzles to 1600mm shell welds. It can carry one or two probes, be used for both TOFD and conventional pulse echo scans, and uses vacuum or magnetic attachment. It operates at speeds of up to 50mm a second and has high repeatability.

Phoenix also supplied its MCPA controller for the system. Designed for flexibility, the MCPA can be set up in minutes and used with any scanner and any data acquisition equipment. It allows a wide choice of scan patterns, movement parameters, acceleration and speeds and makes it easy to store your settings.

Karl Quirk added: "The scanner was essentially a laboratory piece and needed to be of the very highest standard as it will be used to test the samples by which others will be judged."

Companies wishing to discuss their NDT equipment requirements should contact Paul Ryan at Phoenix on +44 (0)1925 826000 or email pryan@phoenixisl.co.uk.

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