NDT.net Aug 2005, Vol. 10 No.08

Atlantis NDE - New joint venture in the NDE market

SONATEST Plc, based in the United Kingdom, and TECNITEST Ingenieros SL, based in Spain, has formed the joint venture company ATLANTIS NDE, SL. The company will be headquartered in Madrid, each partner holding 50% of it's capital.

Atlantis NDE will be the result of the fusion of Sonatest's world-leading NDE instrumentation, sensors and software development and Tecnitest's proven abilities in mechanical design, systems integrations and software design. The aim of this joint venture is to act and collaborate in the following areas:

  • Joint development of innovative products and systems, which will benefit from their respective skills and knowledge.
  • Development of new geographic markets, particularly Latin America.
  • The use of each partner company's commercial networks to promote products and systems in the market.

Overall there will be a focus on creating engineering solutions for specific NDT applications in the automotive, aerospace and petro-chemical industries.

The initial products to be successfully launched by Atlantis NDE include the cutting- edge Cyclops robotic system. This has been developed for the inspection of spot welds, with its main developmental focus on the automotive industry. Initial trials have proven that the Cyclops can fully test and evaluate as many as seven spot-welds in less than one minute.

The second product development area has produced a unique Nodularity Dry Contact scanning system, which can also be used manually, and is focussed on inspection and testing in the castings (cast iron) industry.

Sonatest and Tecnitest have been in collaboration for several years but the new company will take further advantage of their synergies whilst developing new product and commercial market areas.

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