NDT.net Sep 2005, Vol. 10 No.09

ForeEyes 2020 Portable Video Inspection and Recording Unit
This system is now available with small (6 or 8mm) diameter videoscopes for remote video inspection (RVI) applications.

From Danatronics, a global manufacturer of industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Ultrasonic Testing (U.T.) equipment, comes an advanced and portable Videoscope system that directly interfaces with the ForeEyes 2020 portable video inspection and recording unit.

DZ Series Videoscopes; Advanced, Portable and Economical

For more information, call us at 978-777-0081 or email sales@danatronics.com or visit www.danatronics.com/dzseries to arrange a demonstration.

ForeEyes™ 2020 Technical Specifications

    Jet Engine Inspection (on or off-wing), Airframes, Heat Exchangers, Boiler Tubes, Gas Turbines, Gear Boxes, Re-circulator pumps, as well as covert and underwater applications.

    The ForeEyes 2020 weighs 1.51 lbs (.68 kg), operates for four hours, and can display and record the equivalent to 40 full-length movies with narration, thanks to it’s built in 20 GB hard drive and 3.5 inch color TFT, or optional 3.8 inch display offered with 80 GB for 4 times the memory.

    A single cable connects DZ Series Videoscopes to the ForeEyes 2020. The ForeEyes can be used with its unique carrying pouch and configured as a chest harness allowing one hand free to climb ladders and control the articulation of the Videoscopes. Best of all, the Videoscopes are interchangeable; any DZ Series Videoscope can be used with the ForeEyes.

    The DZ Series Videoscope handpiece chassis is made of metal. Insertion tubes are sheathed with hard wearing tungsten braid.

    The latest in CCD (Charge-coupled device) solid-state camera and Metal-Halide lamp technology provide bright, high resolution images on the large TFT-LCD display. A built in hard drive video image storage and a USB port make image and audio recording simple.

    Ask your local sales representative for prices and we're sure you'll agree, It's Affordable!
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