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KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software Lite Now Available
Company releases a lite version of software for Industrial Radiographers to share with their users

ROCHESTER, N.Y., August 31, 2005:
Eastman Kodak Company today announced the availability of KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software Lite for industrial radiography, reflecting the company’s continued investment in the non-destructive testing (NDT) market. The new tool will ship with all new systems and be provided at no charge to all installed INDUSTREX Digital System customers.

The new Lite version enables owners of KODAK INDUSTEX Digital Systems to share a version of the powerful software tool with internal or external teams that need to view the images captured on the system. This ensures each reviewer has access to the same tools for viewing, enlarging, comparing, saving and colorizing their radiographic images.

“This launch is direct result of continued work with industry leaders from manufacturing, aerospace, military and service bureaus in this dynamic market. Kodak’s innovation in both digital and film technologies positions us well for continued growth of our NDT business,” said William Quinn, general manager of Kodak’s Aerial & Industrial Markets group.

KODAK INDUSTREX ACR-2000 and ACR2000i Systems: Large Images, Flexible Plates, Portable Systems
The KODAK INDUSTREX ACR-2000 Digital System combines portability of equipment with flexible phosphor imaging plates that can be formed to any length necessary and wrapped around pipes or aircraft wings. The system is small and portable enough to pack in a pickup truck or on a cart, and images can be reviewed on a laptop PC on location, reducing need for return trips.

The ACR-2000’s phosphor imaging plate has 10 times the dynamic range of film, reducing the number of exposures required to examine an object thoroughly, and Kodak’s image visualization and analysis software helps focus on suspect areas and draw out details.

The ACR-2000i adds the advantage of a built-in eraser that clears the phosphor plate after reading so it’s ready for another exposure quickly. Allowing imaging plates to be used repeatedly means the mobile radiographer needs to carry less.

The KODAK INDUSTREX LS85 Film Digitizer is Kodak’s highest resolution film digitizer, featuring a laser beam to illuminate the scanned film and producing digital signals to an accuracy of 0.001 optical density via its proprietary logarithmic amplifier – unique to KODAK Film Digitizers. The LS85 is self-calibrating, unaffected by ambient light, fits on a tabletop, and is highly reliable.

KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems are built upon the computed radiography technology used in Kodak’s health products. The image visualization and analysis software is designed specifically for government and commercial applications of industrial radiographic inspections, such as aircraft, welding, corrosion, construction, plant maintenance, castings, and pipelines. From portable field units to in-house systems, Kodak’s solutions provide better image analysis, faster results, increased cost savings and greater productivity than traditional film, in an open system that can view and analyze images from any digital device.

Kodak's Non-Destructive Testing group designs and produces unique digital and film-based imaging solutions for the NDT industry. Products include KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems and KODAK INDUSTREX Films, Chemicals, and Processing Equipment. KODAK INDUSTREX Systems are supported by Kodak’s worldwide force of more than 4,000 service and support professionals.

Kodak's Aerial and Industrial Markets group is a leading provider of high-resolution aerial and industrial imaging products worldwide. Aerial imaging products include camera and duplicating films in black and white, infrared and color for topographical and structural surveys, GIS, mapping, agriculture, environmental protection, photogrammetry, land management and urban planning. Industrial imaging products include films, chemicals and film processors for manufacturing printed circuit boards; specialty materials for polarized lenses, bank and traffic surveillance, high-speed data recording, and personal monitoring films; non-destructive testing products including digital solutions, a variety of films, chemicals, and processing equipment.

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