NDT.net Nov 2005, Vol. 10 No.11

New KODAK INDUSTREX HS800 Film offers speed and versatility for industrial radiography

ROCHESTER, N.Y., October 19, 2005:
Eastman Kodak Company today announced availability of KODAK INDUSTREX HS800 Film, the company’s fastest and most versatile film for non-destructive testing. The new film adapts to any exposure method - direct, lead screen, fluorescent screen, or fluorometallic screen - and employs KODAK T-GRAIN ® Emulsion technology for high speed, high contrast, and fine grain. Combined with the efficient KODAK LANEX Fast Screens, HS800 Film offers more speed than any film-screen combination available today.

“This versatile new film advances the science of non-destructive testing and demonstrates Kodak’s dedication to providing the NDT industry with new film-based and digital solutions” said Martin Graen, general manager of Kodak’s Non-Destructive Testing business. “Kodak continues to bring new and exciting solutions designed specifically for industrial radiography to markets around the world.”

KODAK INDUSTREX High Speed HS800 Film is the fastest film in the INDUSTREX Film family. HS800 Film offers high speed and high contrast through a wide range of optical densities when used with fluorescent or fluorometallic screens where very short exposures are required, such as for inspection of off-shore pipelines. Designed for any high-density material applications where short exposure time is an advantage." HS800 Film is suitable for inspection of thick-wall castings, concrete pipeline and lay barge applications and bridges.

KODAK INDUSTREX HS800 Film is available from authorized dealers of KODAK Non-Destructive Testing products the following package formats and sizes: non-interleaved 30cm x 40cm, 14x17 inches, and bulk roll 70mm x 150m Kodak's Non-Destructive Testing group designs and produces unique digital and film-based imaging solutions for the NDT industry. Products include KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems and KODAK INDUSTREX films, chemicals, and processing equipment. KODAK INDUSTREX systems are supported by Kodak’s worldwide force of more than 4,000 service and support professionals.

Kodak's Aerial and Industrial Markets group is a leading provider of high-resolution aerial and industrial imaging products worldwide. Aerial imaging products include camera and duplicating films in black-and-white, infrared and color for topographical and structural surveys, GIS, mapping, agriculture, environmental protection, photogrammetry, land management and urban planning. Industrial imaging products include films, chemicals and film processors for manufacturing printed circuit boards; specialty materials for polarized lenses, bank and traffic surveillance, high-speed data recording, and personal monitoring films; non-destructive testing products including digital solutions, a variety of films, chemicals, and processing equipment.

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