NDT.net Dec 2005, Vol. 10 No.12

RTD Group: Stronger European position with takeover of PS&I in France

In July 2005, RTD Group took over Process Service & Inspection (PS&I) in France. With its first establishment in France, RTD has created a good basis for using its knowledge of and experience with NDE technologies to provide a growing number of French clients with optimum service, and to further develop the French market.

The takeover fi ts within RTD’s growth strategy which is aimed at international expansion and the strengthening of its position as market leader.

PS&I, with its head office in Lyon, has an annual turnover of approximately 1.5 million euros and is an established provider of premium quality NDT services.

The company specializes in RTD-INCOTEST, an NDT system developed and patented by RTD. INCOTEST makes it possible to detect corrosion under insulation and coatings while these are still in place and undisturbed. PS&I provides its services to virtually all major chemical, petro chemical and tank storage companies in France. The company will continue operations under the name RTD PS&I.

For further information please visit RTD Group at www.rtd-group.com

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