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Better, Faster Stronger - pipeline inspection method updated
Not too long ago, evaluation of external corrosion on pipelines was limited to conventional manual inspection methods. This method was tedious, slow, costly, and had to be analyzed using conservative failure criteria due to the limitations of the equipment. RTD recognized the need for a more efficient method for assessing external corrosion and initiated development of an automated tool, resulting in Laserscan

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There are many reasons for insulating steel pipes or structures; covering corrosion is clearly not one of them. This edition of imPULSE focuses on one of the industries, main threats:
corrosion under insulation. Due to the diffi culty to predict the development of corrosion processes under isulation, ‘corrosion under insulation’ (CUI) has a big impact on the integrity of installations. To avoid stopping production processes and unpacking installations, services are developed to identify corrosion development through the isolation.
Professor Cawley, the head of the NDT group at the Imperial College in London explains some of the backgrounds and the diffi culty the industry is having with it.
Over the years RTD has developed numerous inspection services to identify CUI. These services can be divided in two main trends: screening and detection. Screening techniques are developed to screen bigger sections of insulated installation. They help to identify problem areas while keeping the customer’s processes on stream. Exact detection techniques like Digital Radiography, Laser Scanning and Map Scanning precisely identify (loss of) wall-thickness and shape.

The various screening and detection techniques are brought together by RTD in integrated services. This edition of imPULSE presents a selection of these services: For the offshore industry RTD has developed an integrated package of screening and detection services, currently successfully executed in the North Sea. Together with the energy institutions and the nuclear industry, both in Europe and in the USA, RTD developed services to identify internal and fl ow accelerated corrosion in steam pipelines. These services are now increasingly accepted by the industry as a best practice. RTD in North America developed a fast and accurate system for assessing external corrosion for the owners of transportation networks.
Identifying corrosion, on-stream and without the need to interfere in the production processes of customers will increasingly be required by the industry. RTD is proud to be leading in the development and market introduction of new and on-stream NDT services.

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