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Array Corp. USA Awarded R2 Technology, Inc. Production Contract For Highest Performance Laser Film Digitizer

HAMPTON, N.H., January 13, 2005. Array Corporation USA announces that R2 Technology, Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif. has awarded a production contract with a potential multi-million dollar value to Array for its latest laser film digitizer. The exclusive agreement will apply Array's most advanced laser film scanning innovations to R2's ImageChecker® DMax, the new Ultra-premium Computer-Aided Detection system for film screen and digital mammography.

"We are pleased to partner with R2 Technology, each of us representing the high end of our core disciplines, to create the highest performing CAD system on the market," says Thomas Nardozzi, president of Array Corporation USA. "Powered by the new Array laser film scanner, the DMax produces superior quality images at twice the speed of other CAD systems. High quality scanners like Array's are critical for analog sites as well as centers that are transitioning to digital and need the ability to compare digitized priors side by side in a digital format."

States John Pavlidis, president and CEO of R2 Technology, "Both companies worked collaboratively for more than three years to develop this new system. We selected Array because of its long history, experience and reputation in this field and because of the new Array scanner's exceptional image quality and performance."

One of the keystone features of R2's ImageChecker DMax product is the DigitalNow capability for archiving digitized mammography film images to PACS. Image quality is particularly important when those archived images are to be used later for comparison purposes on softcopy review workstations. The superb performance of the film scanner will be clearly visible to radiologists; the darker regions of the digitized image will have more contrast and less noise than they would if the films had been digitized with other scanners on the market today.

ImageChecker DMax has also been engineered to enhance workflow. The Array scanner's throughput doubles the DMax's film handling speed, allowing a four-film mammogram to be scanned in two minutes. "The new Array laser scanner provides excellent penetration of high density film with very low noise, resulting in the highest quality images available for human viewing and CAD analysis," states Julian Marshall, principal engineer for R2 Technology. "Combined with the Array scanner's superior penetration of high density film, the new high performance DMax system provides the best possible quality archived images on the market today, and is ideal for use by high volume mammography clinics that demand exceptional clinical performance and maximum productivity. Coupled with R2's Gold-Standard CAD algorithm, ImageChecker DMax is the ultimate mammography CAD system," he declares.

The ImageChecker system from R2 Technology was the first CAD system approved by the FDA for use with mammography. Since 1998, R2 Technology has received 17 supplemental approvals for technological and clinical advances. To date, more than 1,600 ImageChecker CAD systems have been shipped worldwide and some nine million women have their mammograms interpreted annually with the aid of this leading CAD technology for the early detection of breast cancer.

About Array Corporation USA

Array Corporation USA provides technically superior solutions for capturing and communicating image data, which help increase clinical productivity with digital scanning speed, performance and reliability. Using precise optics and a helium neon laser, Array scanning technology scans 14x17 film at 2K resolution in seven seconds, almost four times faster than its nearest competitor. It provides a true optical density of up to 4.3 with an accuracy of .002, while the nearest digitizer can achieve only about 3.7 OD. With a variable sampling pitch that changes spot size from 50 microns to 500 microns in one micron steps, Array laser film digitizers easily cover all possible uses for film digitization.

Since its establishment in the U.S. in 1998, Array Corporation USA has cultivated a broad, nationwide network of validated vendors, authorized sales and service distributorships and direct end user clients. For more information about Array products, services and imaging solutions, call toll-free at (866) 680-7500, or visit www.arrayusa.com.

About R2 Technology, Inc.

R2 Technology, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is a recognized leader in the development and commercialization of computer-aided detection (CAD), an innovative technology that assists radiologists in the early detection of breast cancer, actionable lung nodules and other lung abnormalities. As a medical software company, R2 Technology is developing CAD systems for a variety of imaging modalities and disease states. R2 received the 2004 Frost and Sullivan Product of the Year award. For information, visit www.r2tech.com.
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