NDT.net March 2005, Vol. 10 No.03

CL5 - The New State-of-the-Art Precision Thickness Gauge From GE Inspection Technologies

Huerth, Germany, February, 2005.

The new CL5 ultrasonic precision thickness gauge from GE Inspection Technologies is the first instrument of its class and size to offer a snapshot A-scan display of data as well as a digital display. As a result, the new compact instrument can be used for precise thickness measurements of components, in metals and plastics, whose complex geometry would often make them difficult to inspect with conventional gauges.

The CL5 can also display thickness digitally, for example when testing components with relatively flat and parallel surfaces. However, monitoring of the ultrasound in real time as it passes through the material by using the optional live A-scan assists in properly aligning the transducer and verifies the accuracy of the test as components become more complex in shape.

Easy and flexible data management for the CL5 is provided through an optional programmable data recorder, using a standard 32MB SD card. Data can be read by a standard card reader and downloaded to a PC for further analysis, incorporation within Excel spreadsheets or archiving. USB connectivity is also provided so that data can be downloaded directly from the CL5 to a PC.

Both of the optional upgrades for the basic CL5, namely the live A-scan display and the programmable data recorder, can be retrofitted.

Special consideration has been given to the user-friendliness in the design of the new, battery-powered instrument. It features intuitive operation, where the user is guided by easy-to-understand on-screen prompts, without the need for dedicated keys. All relevant information, such as A-scans, material velocity and thickness, can be readily displayed.

The new CL5 will find application throughout industry, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors, as both a quality control and a production metrology tool. It can be used to spot check the thickness of incoming material such as steel coil. It can be used to monitor machining operations by carrying out intermediate and final thickness measurements. And it can be used to provide precision thickness measurements of plastic components. It is compatible with a wide range of contact and delay line probes and its Delay Auto Measurement Mode automatically changes from interface to first backwall to multi-echo measurement when using delay line probes to gauge very thin components.

About GE Inspection Technologies
GE Inspection Technologies is a global leader in technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver customer productivity, quality and safety. The company designs, manufactures and services radiographic, ultrasonic and eddy current equipment to test materials without deforming or damaging them. Its products are used in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Automotive. The company has 9 application centres around the globe and offers a range of services including repair, calibration, training and upgrades. GE Inspection Technologies has 1,000 employees at more than 25 facilities in 25 countries worldwide.

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