NDT.net January 2006, Vol. 11 No.1

10th anniversary of NDT.net
1996 - 2006

This January 2006, The NDT.net Journal, celebrates its tenth anniversary. NDT.net is the first e-Journal on the Internet to focus on Nondestructive Testing.

During the Year 1995 Rolf Diederichs discovered an amazing capability of the Internet as a world-wide NDT communication tool for technical collaboration, dissemination and presentation of information on Web Pages. Also the newsgroup 'sci.techniques.testing.nondestructive' , proposed by Dr. Martin Jones, was created in July 1995. During this time the first NDT people discussed and exchanged information during the mailing list of the newsgroup. Impressed by all these new capabilities, Rolf decided to prepare the first journal on the Internet. After 20 Years experience in Ultrasonic testing he wrote down some articles to publish the first NDT.net' (formerly UTonline) Issue on 1 January 1996.

From this time each month's issue provided comprehensive coverage of professional articles as well as industry news. For readers and distributors it's established as a great information source with all the advantages of electronic online Publishing.

After some disadvantages of the Newsgroup format had been discovered, a Web based discussion forum was opened in NDT.net, moderated by Rolf Diederichs. This forum was created somewhat similar to what was done in previous UTonline workshops by means of an 'Ask the Expert Message Board'. A permanent pool of Corresponding Authors as Forum Members continued their excellent contributions. Also many excellent answers have been posted by many participants of this forum - most of the forum participants are experts! With some forum's program features, together with the member database, people began to meet in a more "real" venue than had been the case in anonymous mailing lists or newsgroups. For all these reasons the forum is probably the most used meeting point of NDT people. This is evident from the fact that there are about 2000 Forum members today.

Early in 1996 an online exhibition opened and rapidly took its place as a high-visibility Internet marketing solution for the complete range of NDT methods. Today about 60 Exhibitors appreciate how easy it is to establish useful customer contacts with their presentations as well increase the audience of their own Homepage and the information available.

NDT.net has seen a great increase in its development by providing conference proceedings and other publications in the Database, free of charge. Internet users can search via a single-source connectivity NDT Database. This can obviously be more effective than a regular Internet search.

The charts show the server Log with its rise over the last 10 Years. So-called Hits rise to 2.8 Million Hits each month. The number of 'Readers' is 100.000 each month, in this conjunction 'Readers' means access of unique server names. The download transfer is usually 18 GByte each month .

NDT.net now has about 2000 Forum Members subscribed from about 100 Countries. The distributions of Forum members by countries is shown in one chart in the Appendix. More than 300 members are from USA followed by India, UK, Canada, Iran, China, and Germany. For more details see the chart in the Appendix.

NDT.net has evaluated "who is read most" and accumulated all 12 months of the Year 2005. Most often read was the NDT Encyclopedia with 100.000 Hits, for more details see the table in the Appendix.

After Rolf Diederichs received so many congratulations by email and in the forum, NDT.net would like to point out, that all success would not be possible without so much help of many authors, such as Ed Ginzel who has contributed since very early in 1996. I would also like to thank other authors of the initial Year on the Internet: Christian Grosse, Hermann Wüstenberg, Godfrey Hands, Garry Passi, Udo Schlengermann, Bernd Koehler and others. Also special thanks to the authors of the first Ultrasonic Transducer Online Workshop which took place in September 1996. This workshop demonstrated the success of Internet discussion forum in conjunction with articles. Authors of this workshop: Gerhard Splitt, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Robert A. Day, Werner Rathgeb, Hanspeter Loertscher, Bert Grandia, Jan Strycek, and Willem A. Grandia (who sadly died 1998), Gerard Fleury, Christian Gondard, H. Mrasek, D. Gohlke, K. Matthies, E. Neumann, M. Lach, M. Platte, A. Ries.
Posts        Forum Member
139 John O'Brien
122 Rolf Diederichs
115 Ed Ginzel
77 Godfrey Hands
72 Joe Buckley
72 S.V.Swamy
49 Tom Nelligan
40 Udo Schlengermann
40 Richard D. Roberts
35 Uli Mletzko

Many thanks to all of forum members who gave so many answers to many questions. Some of the most active forum members together with their number of posts we show in the table.

Also special thanks to our first sponsors: Krautkramer (now GE) by Wolf Dietrich Kleinert and Siemens (now intelligeNDT), by Rainer Meier who opened the first Internet budgets in 1996. Last but not least many thanks to Dr. Rainer Link, the DGZfP was our first partner who cooperated in online publishing of conference proceedings.

Looking to the future, NDT.net aims to continue to provide a comprehensive service to the NDT community.

Rolf Diederichs
Editor & Publisher


Forum Members by countries

During year 2005 most often read articles
99413 NDT Encyclopedia NDT.net
6141 WCNDT 2000 - World Conference on NDT Roma
6057 Nondestructively Inspect Material Integrity With An Airborne Ultrasonic Beam NDT Systems
5912 Design of Modern Aircraft Structure and the Role of NDI H.-J. Schmidt, B. Schmidt-Brandecker, G. Tober; Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus
5852 The ABC's of Nondestructive Weld Examination BY CHARLES HAYES
5762 PVDF and Array Transducers Robert A. Day
5010 Piezoelectric Materials, Ultrasound Transducers and Arrays Characterisation by Laser Interferometry. N. Felix, D. Certon, F. Patat and M. Lethiecq
4273 Nondestructive Testing of Fusion Joints of Polyethylene Piping by Real Time Ultrasonic Imaging H. J. SHIN, Y. H. JANG, J. R. KWAN, E. J. LEE
4179 THEORY AND APPLICATION OF PRECISION ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAGING Kenneth A. Fowler, Gerry M. Elfbaum, Karen A. Smith and Thomas J. Nelligan
4159 Weld Inspection of Ultrasonic Inspection 2 E.A. Ginzel
4146 Piezoelectric materials for ultrasonic probes M. Lach, M. Platte, A. Ries
4049 Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering 2003 Berlin
3886 NDT with Ultrasonics - Introduction to the Basic Principles 2 - Michael Berke
3831 Smart Structures and Non-Destructive Testing 2004 Singapore
3765 High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers H. Mrasek, D. Gohlke, K. Matthies, E. Neumann, BAM, Berlin
3759 High transduction Piezoelectric transducers and introduction of Non-Contact analysis Mahesh C. Bhardwaj
3748 UT in Pipe Extrusion - Test Mechanics H.H.J. Huynen, F.H. Dijkstra, T. Bouma, H. Wüstenberg
3639 Ultrasound, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Comparison of Results Investigating the Hydration Process in Cementitious Materials Christian U. Grosse, Stephanie U. Köble, Hans W. Reinhardt
3502 Novel high performance planar electromagnetic sensors S. C. Mukhopadhyay
3397 AE Testing Fundamentals,Equipment, Applications Dipl. Ing. Hartmut Vallen
3387 Time of Flight Diffraction - An Alternate Non-Destructive Testing Procedure to Replace Traditional Methods K.G.Prabhakaran, Brian Stephen Wong,Yeo Yan Teng
3188 WCNDT 2004 - World Conference on NDT Montreal
3159 Structural health monitoring of smart civil structures using fibre optic sensors J. S. Leng, D. Winter, R. A. Barnes, G. C. Mays and G. F. Fernando
3129 NDT Inspection of Railway Tracks Embedded in Concrete Johannes Hugenschmidt
3099 Vieles begann in Berlin - Eine ZfP-historische Stadterkundung Hans-Ulrich RICHTER, Teltow; Heinrich HEIDT

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