NDT.net Feb 2006, Vol. 2 No.2

Coating Thickness Gauge
Now available with "Statistics and Data Memory"

Now available with software module "Statistics and Data Memory" to retrofit or order as special feature
The software module Statistics and Data Memory Enhancement of the Pocket-LEPTOSKOP at any time:
  • Limits and offset
    • Adjustable upper and lower limits
    • Selectable offset
    • Simple input of values
    • Keyboard can be locked to prevent from unauthorised operationand to protect against alteration of settings.
  • Statistics functions
    • Minimum, maximum, number of readings and mean value to be seen simultaneously
    • Memory for up to 800 readings
    • Graphical representation of the acquired readings
  • Extended representation
    • For quick optical evaluation of the readings the gauge can be selected to analog pointer representation
    • Measuring range selectable to: automatic, range between the limits, fixed
    • Also with rotated contents of the display
  • Data transfer
    • Transfer the readings into a PC by means of the PC software "STATWIN 2002".
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