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New Portable Infrared Cameras offer 320 X 240 Resolution on Largest Displays

Minneapolis, MN – August 23, 2005
Infrared Solutions, Inc. has announced the addition of two new infrared cameras featuring higher resolution with the IR industry's largest screens. The IR FlexCam® 320 Series includes the high-end PRO320 and T320 models. Both models incorporate the company's 25 micron, 320 X 240 uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer sensor, industry-leading thermal sensitivity, and the IR industries largest 5-inch color display to deliver the highest image quality available today. Both models in the IR FlexCam 320 Series offer the superior resolution and thermal sensitivity required by professional thermographers in demanding infrared applications such as predictive and preventative maintenance, research and development, and process monitoring.

"The PRO320 and T320 are high resolution, fully radiometric solutions with the best image quality available," said Sean O'Driscoll, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Infrared Solutions. "The 320 series cameras provide more resolution and clearer images, offering an optimized solution for any application level".

Both cameras in the IR FlexCam 320 Series come standard with Infrared Solutions' new SmartView™ software, a complete suite of powerful analysis, management and reporting tools. The intuitive software is both easy to use and offers superior flexibility for generating and customizing professional reports and analyzing IR images.

The PRO320 model features temperature measurement range up to 600°C for higher temperature applications and NETD =70mK sensitivity. A 60 Hz frame rate offering real-time target temperature displayed live on the camera's screen, as well as programmable image capture allow the user to initiate scans at timed intervals or by the target temperature reaching a preset high-or-low "trigger" temperature. The PRO320 also offers new image browsing capabilities with movable on-screen spots and boxes, 8-color palettes, 2x, 4x and 8x digital zoom, enhanced annotation capabilities and more.

The T320 model offers most of the same features as the PRO320, but with reduced cost and capabilities, NETD =70mK sensitivity, -20°C to 350°C temperature range, 8-color palettes, 2x zoom and more.

"The features of the IR FlexCam 320 Series and new SmartView Software, create a professional infrared camera solution of outstanding value," added O'Driscoll. "IR FlexCam family pricing is about half that of similarly featured competitive cameras-with no hidden extra fees for software and service.

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