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Three times a winner - Twin-XULS sets the standard

January 4, 2006 -- Oxford Instruments has recently completed the work necessary for the Twin-XULS to become the only benchtop XRF analyser to conform with an ASTM Method - D 7212, an Energy Institute method IP 351/05 and a reproducibility statement calculated by the US EPA. The Twin-XULS is a benchtop EDXRF spectrometer based on a unique, patented, low background proportional counter detector. Twin-XULS provides the low cost and simplicity of traditional EDXRF, and now has the low detection limits (1 mg/kg) required for the successful determination of sulfur in ULS fuels.

The ASTM and the Energy Institute ran a joint round robin exercise and determined the precision of the Twin-XULS method independently, with repeatability for the sulfur measurement at 10 mg/kg of 2 mg/kg, and reproducibility of 5 mg/kg. In 2005, the US EPA organised a separate round robin for the determination of sulfur in ULS diesel, to establish if current instrumentation is capable of meeting a reproducibility of 2 mg/kg at the regulatory 15 mg/kg sulfur level in diesel in the US. For this study, all laboratories and instrumentation had to first meet very strict long-term precision and accuracy criteria to be able to take part. The round robin gave outstanding results for the Twin-XULS, and a reproducibility of 1.94 mg/kg at 15 mg/kg sulfur was achieved, illustrating again that the precision and accuracy offered by the Twin-XULS makes it the only choice for ULS measurements. Notes to editors

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