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New Book: Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds by E. A. Ginzel
Olympus NDT Launches this Third Book in the Advanced NDT Series.

Waltham, February 2006 Olympus NDT, a global innovator in nondestructive testing instruments, is proud to announce the publication of NDT expert E. A. Ginzel s Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds. This 378-page book provides an overview of the principles of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds, and explains the many parameters that influence the results of these inspections. Ginzel discusses some of the more experimental aspects of the process including sizing and acceptance criteria, and examines basic AUT concepts as applied by the major players in the industry and considers future enhancements.

A recent development in this area has been the introduction of AUT as a replacement for weld radiography (RT). In particular, the technique called zone discrimination permits rapid scanning, reliable defect detection, quick sizing, and nearly real time data interpretation all topics addressed in Ginzel s important new book.

Ginzel explains that AUT offers significant benefits to pipeline inspection: the elimination of safety hazards, reduced licensing issues, limited chemical disposal requirements, and better defect detection capabilities. AUT also offers the ability to size defects in the vertical plane, which permits the use of Engineering Critical Assessment (Fitness-For-Purpose or Fracture Mechanics). Importantly, Ginzel notes that AUT achieves savings because inspection shortly after the welding process permits direct feedback to welders. As a result of these benefits, AUT is steadily replacing RT around the world, while improving weld quality and reducing rejection rates.

About the Author
E. A. Ginzel, an expert UT operator, does his own AUT research and development and has written more than fifty papers and books on the topic. Mr. Ginzel has been involved in the pipeline AUT world for over fifteen years, writing codes and procedures and performing consultancies globally. Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds distills a huge amount of both theoretical and practical knowledge on pipeline AUT and is a must for any serious operator or company planning on using AUT to replace RT.

For more information on Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds, please visit www.rd-tech.com.

About Olympus NDT
Olympus NDT provides an industry-leading portfolio featuring innovative ultrasonic testing (UT), eddy current (ET), and related nondestructive testing technologies. Our goal is to supply reliable, economical inspection and maintenance systems globally that enhance safety, security, and productivity for customers, and that contribute to society. We are committed to actively pursuing the development of new technologies, products, and services offering the best solutions to a large variety of customers needs. The company is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and is represented by an extensive network of direct offices and representatives in all major industrial regions in the world.

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