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OmniScan PA 1.4 Software—Ultrasound and Phased Array Acquisition and Analysis—for Nondestructive Testing

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OmniScan PA 1.4 Software Brochure
Quebec, Canada, February 2006. - Olympus NDT is pleased to announce the release of the OmniScan PA 1.4 software (Ultrasound and Phased Array Acquisition and Analysis).

The new OmniScan PA 1.4 software offers a wide range of features specifically designed for NDT environments. Improved processing speed, group and focal law wizards for one-step operation, and advanced calibration features make OmniScan PA 1.4 a practical choice for ever-demanding, real-world applications. In addition, the Multiple-Group-Configuration option allows users to manage more than one probe with different skews, scanning types, inspection areas, and other such parameters.

The OmniScan PA 1.4 software is now available to OmniScan customers as a free download, at www.olympusNDT.com. Technical assistance is always available at the Support and Discussion forum, our web-based source of comprehensive ultrasound phased array information.

For more information, contact:

Guy Fournier
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Olympus NDT Canada

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