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YXLON is awarded a contract by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. for five X-ray pipe inspection systems

Hamburg, Germany; Shanghai, China Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. has awarded YXLON International a contract for three state of the art X-ray real time inspection systems and two state of the art X-ray film inspection systems. The systems will be used to secure the quality of the pipes produced in the new pipe factory, which Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. is building within its LSAW Pipe Project.

The pipes produced will be used for oil and natural gas transportation. At completion in 2007 the total capacity of the new pipe factory is up to 350.000 tons per year. The production facility will be able to handle pipes with 508-1422 mm in diameter and 10-18.5 m in length. Material thickness is specified up to 40 mm of steel.

The pipe inspection systems provided by YXLON International will inspect 100% of the production according API 5l standard. The systems are designed to meet the high capacity requirements and the high demands for superior image quality from Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.

About YXLON Pipe Inspection solutions

YXLON International, with its expertise in worldwide pipe business, has developed and realized a series of pipe inspection systems to meet the high demands of the pipe industry. The YXLON expertise includes inspection methods for all variations in pipe material and sizes up to 3048 mm diameter, 19 m length and up to 32 tons weight per pipe. The solutions offered include material handling and/or interfacing with the material handling systems of all types of pipe mills.

About YXLON International

YXLON International is an innovative high-tech company with a long tradition. Founded in the spring of 1998 as the direct successor to Philips Industrial X-Ray (Germany), Andrex (Denmark) and LumenX (USA), today Andlinger & Comp., Inc. is the majority shareholder of YXLON.

Through its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, subsidiaries in the USA, Japan and Denmark, two sales offices in China and a tightly meshed network of agents, YXLON International keeps in close contact to its customers worldwide. Today YXLON is the market leader in the development, production and servicing of systems for non-destructive material testing based on X-ray technology.

With its vast know-how whether in shipbuilding or vessel construction, the automotive industry, aerospace and aviation YXLON International offers the matching solutions for any production process while guaranteeing high quality and safety standards for industrial products. YXLON generates sales amounting to roughly EUR 58 million and employs a staff of approximately 250 worldwide.

The YXLON product catalog ranges from portable devices for on-site inspection to standardized modular solutions straight through to complex, fully automated customer solutions for special applications. YXLON additionally offers operation start-up, training, maintenance and servicing worldwide. With the 2003 takeover of HAPEG Hattinger Prf- und Entwicklungs-GmbH, a company specializing in industrial Computerized Tomography (CT), YXLON has picked up the most recent developments on the market for non-destructive material testing and expanded its product portfolio by adding on CT solutions tailored to suit the customer.

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