NDT.net May 2006, Vol. 11 No.5

New Video Borescope
Everest XLG3™ New VideoProbe® Offers Enhanced Image Quality and Interchangeable Probes

Huerth, Germany, March 30, 2006 -- GE Inspection Technologies, a leader in technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver customer productivity, quality and safety, announces the launch of the new Everest XLG3 VideoProbe system. The Everest XLG3 system is a video borescope that offers a new way of enhancing inspection productivity. Advanced features include improved image quality, QuickChange™ probes that quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length, real-time data management and network connectivity for collaboration during live inspections.

From aerospace engines to small pipes and even in large cavities, the Everest XLG3 VideoProbe system illuminates challenging inspections with twice the light output as previous generation VideoProbe systems to deliver sharp, clear images for quicker defect identification. With improved lenses, advanced digital-signal processing and an extra bright, high resolution LCD screen, the Everest XLG3 system delivers high quality images directly to the hand piece.

In addition, compact interchangeable QuickChange probes allow users to quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length at the handpiece. Probes are available in a wide selection of lengths and diameters, with a full range of optical tips and measurement capabilities. Probes are built for increased durability and feature a titanium head that is eight times stronger than older designs. Said Tom Karpen, Engineering Manager for GE Inspection Technologies, “The XLG3 model was built with durability in mind. “

The Everest XLG3 system also allows inspectors to store inspection data in real time on an on-board DVD/CD drive, as well as providing a real-time connection to the Internet to send reports via email, for collaboration with remote experts to ensure fast, accurate decision-making. The optional keyboard can be used to integrate text and graphics onto any live, frozen or recalled image to identify and enhance reports.

Responding to customer requests for increased efficiency and portability, the Everest XLG3 system allows users to move freely. “Just take the VideoProbe system out of its case, carry it around and use the system as a portable workstation,” said Ed Hubben, Product Manager for the XLG3 system. The attachable, integrated battery and the unit’s smaller, lighter size greatly enhance portability. Constructed from lightweight aluminum with chemical resistant bumpers, the Everest XLG3 base unit safely travels to any remote location.

About GE Inspection Technologies

GE Inspection Technologies is a global leader in technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver productivity, quality and safety to our customers. The company designs, manufactures and services radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual inspection and eddy current equipment to inspect, monitor, and test materials and equipment without disassembly, deforming or damaging them. Its products are used in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Process, and Automotive. The company has 11 application centers around the globe and offers a range of services including repair, on-site RVI inspection services, calibration, training and upgrades. GE Inspection Technologies has 1,300 employees at more than 25 facilities in 25 countries worldwide. To learn more about GE Inspection Technologies visit www.GEInspectionTechnologies.com.

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