NDT.net May 2006, Vol. 11 No.5

Linde uses Phoenix s AR 5000 to test LNG plants

A unique new device which uses sonic waves to test for defects and blockages in pipes has been developed by Phoenix Inspection Systems for the German-based Linde Engineering.

The AR 5000 is a more powerful, long-range version of Phoenix s Acoustic Ranger which is popular with process plant operators around the world. Linde is one of the leading international process plant manufacturers and its LNG plants, which liquefy natural gas for easy transportation by tanker, are in growing demand amid worldwide concerns about energy supplies. The plants contain spiral-wound heat exchangers consisting of a complex system of tubes.

Phoenix managing director Karl Quirk says: The AR 5000 will help Linde to maintain and improve product quality and will help during possible maintenance campaigns on site.

The Acoustic Ranger emits a sonic wave which travels along the inside of a tube, following it around bends and spirals. The AR 5000 has four times the range of earlier versions.

Karl Quirk adds: The Acoustic Ranger has proved popular with the energy and petrochemical sectors for checking pressure vessels and relief valves and with food, drink and process industries for detecting holes and blockages in the line. Operators often tell us it has saved them many thousands of pounds and is a vital tool for achieving compliance with pressure systems regulations.

The AR 5000 not only has a much longer range but also better resolution and sensitivity than previous versions. It offers potential for wider use on systems ranging from large-scale heat exchangers to general pipework, small--bore circuits and fibre optic conduits.

The AR 5000 has a USB link and can be plugged into any computer running the AR 5000 software. For further details contact Phoenix on +44 (0)1925 826000 or see www.phoenixisl.co.uk.

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