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Sonatest Enters Condition Monitoring Market -
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June, 2006 -- Sonatest Ltd has gone into partnership with CTRL Systems, Inc to produce a new range of Non Destructive Testing products. These will be sold under the Sonatest brand and will address leak detection and condition monitoring applications.

The SoundScan 101 detects ultrasound generated by leaks or failing mechanical components such as bearings for predictive maintenance, quality control and leak detection. Substantial savings have been made by clients using these tools by reducing energy loss and plant shutdowns, and also in assembly of sealed parts such as windows and doors in the automotive industry.

Although the use of ultrasound for leak detection is a long established technique, the superior performance and sensitivity of the Soundscan 101 has improved detection rates, and also enabled application to other areas such as electrical breakdown in power lines. The Soundscan 101 is used widely in both the industrial and military sectors. The unit was selected by NASA for the Space Programme after exhaustive evaluation, and is used on the International Space Station and Shuttle Missions for air leak detection.

Sonatest Ltd will add these new products to its existing family of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) products offered by the Sonatest network of over 200 distributors worldwide. Additionally, both companies look forward to collaboration between the two R & D teams.

"Sonatest NDE is excited to enter the ultrasonic leak detection and condition monitoring market on a global basis. We are impressed by the CTRL technology and believe the product range will prove highly complimentary to our existing NDE lines. Most importantly, it is another big step in offering our customers the world's best range of NDE / condition monitoring instrumentation." stated Mike Reilly, Group Managing Director of Sonatest NDE.

Sonatest Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gauges, Transducers, NDT Consumables and accessories.

For further information please contact Joe Buckley on +44 (0) 1908 316345 or e-mail joe@sonatest.com.

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