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Kodak’s Non-Destructive Testing group honored for excellence in marketing and communications

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 9, 2006 — Eastman Kodak Company announced that its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) group received awards from the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Earlier this week, as part of its Marketer of the Year program, the Rochester AMA awarded Kodak the Turn-around/Start-up Marketer Award, recognizing its 2005 marketing campaign to reinvigorate development and sales of its digital and film imaging products for the NDT marketplace. The Rochester PRSA also awarded Kodak group an Award of Excellence in business-to-business communications, for public relations and marketing communications elements of the same campaign.

“We are gratified that each of these respected organizations has presented us with such an honor,” stated Martin Graen, Worldwide General Manager of Kodak’s Non-Destructive Testing Solutions business. “Our team has worked tirelessly for two years to convince the worldwide NDT marketplace that we have a complete line of innovative products and services—and a commitment to the future of their businesses. This recognition helps us celebrate the successes we’re seeing now in the field.”

In 2004, Eastman Kodak Company’s Aerial and Industrial Markets (AIM) group decided to increase investment in products and services for the NDT market, based on aggressive growth of NDT in Asia and emerging nations, as well as in expanding applications for digital radiographic technology in North America and Europe. The multifaceted challenge was to reconstitute the NDT sales channel (particularly to establish partners to sell the new KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems), to increase the trust and confidence of the NDT market, and to launch KODAK NDT digital products while maintaining revenue in the film portion of the business. The program met all of its business goals through 2005.

“These awards are a tribute to hard work by a lot of people, from our agency and marketing teams right through to the field sales force and dealers,” Graen added. “Congratulations to all of them.”

KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems, films, and chemicals and are available only from authorized dealers of KODAK Non-Destructive Testing Products. Kodak's Non-Destructive Testing group designs and produces unique digital and film-based imaging solutions for the NDT industry. Products include KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems and KODAK INDUSTREX films, chemicals, and processing equipment. KODAK INDUSTREX systems are supported by Kodak’s worldwide force of more than 4,000 service and support professionals.

Kodak's Aerial and Industrial Markets group is a leading provider of high-resolution aerial and industrial imaging products worldwide. Aerial imaging products include camera and duplicating films in black-and-white, infrared and color for topographical and structural surveys, GIS, mapping, agriculture, environmental protection, photogrammetry, land management and urban planning. Industrial imaging products include films, chemicals and film processors for manufacturing printed circuit boards; specialty materials for polarized lenses, bank and traffic surveillance, high-speed data recording, and personal monitoring films; non-destructive testing products including digital solutions, a variety of films, chemicals, and processing equipment.

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