NDT.net September 2006, Vol. 11 No.9

New Compact Phased Array System (COMPAS-XL)

New phased array device at the 9th European Conference on Non-destructive Testing (ECNDT) in Berlin COMPAS-XL (Compact Phased Array System)

The 9th European Conference on Non-destructive Testing (ECNDT) will take place in Berlin from 25 to 29 September 2006. In addition to an extensive presentation of papers, an exhibition will also be offered where companies and institutes dealing with non-destructive testing (NDT) will present their products. BAM will display and introduce the COMPAS-XL phased array device developed by the Working Group „Instrument technique for ultrasound and eddy current testing“.

The Compas-xl Compact Phased Array System is a control unit for ultrasonic phased array transducers. It has programmable digital channels which can achieve the travel time delay necessary for acoustics field control. Its novelty is that a modular system enables the control of linear or planar arrays of up to 1024 elements. In addition, the modular system makes adjustment of different test tasks possible both in manual and automated testing modes using ultrasound. It can be built as a hand-held instrument with 16 channels and a fixed instrument with up to 1024 channels.

Compas-xl can cover a broad spectrum of applications in non-destructive testing using ultrasound. The automated testing of railway components (wheel axle sets, wheel disks, rails), power plant components (turbines), airplane components, nuclear plants and in-line manufacturing inspection of bars and pipes and welding seam tests (pipelines) are a few examples. The Compas-xl test system represents a tradition of more than 25 years of instrument development in the field of phased array technology in BAM. Pilot applications have facilitated an extensive implementation of this technology in materials testing. Thus safety testing was increased with a simultaneous decrease in expenditure on devices and test times in relation to conventional ultrasonic testing.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Gottfried Schenk
Division VIII.4 Acoustical and electrical methods
Working Group „Instrument technique for ultrasound and eddy current testing“
Phone: +49 30 8104-3641, email: gottfried.schenk@bam.de

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