NDT.net September 2006, Vol. 11 No.9

Kodak advances digital imaging for non-destructive testing with new,
high-resolution flexible phosphor plates

ROCHESTER, N.Y., September 6, 2006 Dedicated to developing and enhancing digital imaging applications for NDT markets around the world, Eastman Kodak Company today announced the availability of KODAK INDUSTREX Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates for computed radiography.

KODAK INDUSTREX Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates offer improved imaging for NDT applications by enhancing spatial resolution and clarity approximately 20 percent analogous to imaging with a next higher class of film and makes computed radiography a more efficient and practical choice for a wider array of imaging applications.

KODAK INDUSTREX Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates are compatible with KODAK INDUSTREX computed radiography systems and other Kodak ACR-2000 and ACR-2000i based systems, including GEIT and VMI systems. KODAK INDUSTREX Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates capture and yield images easily in the field or lab, and are best suited for difficult shots demanding high resolution, extra sensitivity, and short exposure times.

These high resolution plates reflect our expanding portfolio of digital imaging products for diverse applications, said Marty Graen, general manager for Kodak's Non-destructive Testing business. Kodak will continue to bring innovative solutions to NDT markets worldwide, making digital radiography a safe, reliable, and efficient choice for non-destructive testing applications across the board.

Offering the widest range of plate sizes for CR applications, KODAK INDUSTREX Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates are available as small as 4.5 x 10 inches and as large as 14 x 60 inches. These flexible phosphor plates can be formed around a variety of objects and used hundreds or even thousands of times depending on handling.

KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems and products are available only from authorized dealers of KODAK Non-Destructive Testing Products. The Kodak Non-Destructive Testing group designs and produces unique digital and film-based imaging solutions for the NDT industry. Products include KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems and KODAK INDUSTREX Films, Chemicals, and Processing Equipment. KODAK INDUSTREX Systems are supported by Kodak's worldwide force of more than 4,000 service and support professionals.

Kodak's Aerial and Industrial Markets group is a leading provider of high-resolution aerial and industrial imaging products worldwide. Aerial imaging products include camera and duplicating films in black and white, infrared, and color for topographical and structural surveys, GIS, mapping, agriculture, environmental protection, photogrammetry, land management, and urban planning. Industrial imaging products include films, chemicals, and film processors for manufacturing printed circuit boards; specialty materials for polarized lenses, bank and traffic surveillance, high-speed data recording, and personal monitoring films; non-destructive testing products, including digital solutions, a variety of films, chemicals, and processing equipment.

For more information on KODAK INDUSTREX Products for non-destructive testing, visit Kodak's NDT group online at http://www.kodak.com/go/ndtproducts

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