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New Phasor XS Allows All the Benefits Of Phased Array Inspection In A Conventional Portable Flaw Detector

Huerth, Germany ĖJuly 17, 2006. The new Phasor XS from GE Inspection Technologies offers phased array capability within a conventional, portable ultrasonic flaw detector to drastically reduce inspection times and improve probability of detection. It will find application throughout the whole aerospace process chain, from the manufacture of composite parts, structural sections and engine parts down to airframe and engine maintenance, repair and operations.

With its familiar operating platform and easy-to-understand, menu-driven inspection instructions, the new battery-powered instrument requires minimum operator training and brings phased array technology to routine manual inspection, such as airframe check procedures.

When used in phased array mode, the instrument offers up to 128 individual channels and the operator can electronically multiplex a multi-element probe to achieve precise control over the angle of inspection, the amplitude and the depth of focus of each individual ultrasonic beam. The inspection image is presented as a full colour, sector B-scan on the unitís high resolution TFT screen, providing comprehensive data in real time. Any of the A-scans which make up the sector scan can be selected for separate display or for simultaneous display with the sector image to allow instant and reliable sizing. Sector images and A-scans can be stored on a removable SD card for off-line data analysis and management.

A wide range of array probes are compatible with the new flaw detector, including dialog probes, containing probe identification data which can be transmitted back to the instrument to ensure increased inspection reliability, minimise set-up errors and assist in probe operation calculations. In conventional mode, the Phasor XS can use standard ultrasonic probes to carry out conventional inspection, including corrosion and thickness measurement.

Ruggedly packaged and weighing less than 4 kg, the Phasor XS is a logical progression of GEís field-proven, flaw detection product range, offering an ideal entry-level phased array solution to manual volumetric inspections of a wide range of aircraft components. It will find application both for in-service inspections and also in the production environment where both GEís LogiQ9 phased array system, which drives up to 1024 probe elements, and GEís UTXX testing machine, which drives 128 elements for large, complex area scanning, are already widely used in the examination of aircraft engine forgings and airframe OEM composite components, respectively.

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