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9th ECNDT in Berlin from 25 to 29 September 2006

Nearly 1,700 participants, approx. 300 additional visitors of the exhibition, some 500 lectures in 8 parallel sessions, more than 200 poster presentations and 100 specialised exhibitors.

These numbers, coupled with an excellent organisation, speak for themselves. With the 9th ECNDT in Berlin, DGZfP has managed to stage an extraordinary event, which they have prepared for intensively for four years.

In his capacity as the ECNDT-Secretary, Dr. Rainer Link, who moderated the ceremonious opening, welcomed the unexpectedly large number of participants from the entire world. Approximately 650 conference participants came from Germany, some 850 from other European countries and about 200 arrived from overseas.

Volkmar Strauch, Permanent Secretary for the Economy, the Environment and Gender Issues of the Berlin Senate, conveyed the greetings of the patron of the conference, the Lord Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit. He praised the DGZfP for their contribution to strengthening the good reputation of the economic, scientific and media location of Berlin-Adlershof through their presence and work. Furthermore, he was convinced that this conference, with all its many presentations and discussions, would have a positive impact on the economic and scientific landscape of Berlin.

Jörg Völker, DGZfP-Chairman and acting ECNDT-President, was also happy about the large number of guests and welcomed, in particular, the presidents of 30 national NDT societies.

This ceremonious opening was an excellent forum, Jörg Völker said, to honour NDT colleagues of outstanding merit. He awarded the DGZfP Pin of Honour to Hans Aisenbrey and Dr. Mike Farley. Hans Aisenbrey received it for his work as a member of the Board and, since the death of Prof. Dierk Schnitger in October 1999, as the Speaker of the Board. Dr. Mike Farley, a brilliant engineer with a great career in the industry, as Jörg Völker introduced him, received the Pin for his extraordinary voluntary work in the EFNDT and the ICNDT. Thanks to his influence, the cooperation between the two bodies had improved more and more, the DGZfP Chairman pointed out.

President Mike Farley conveyed the greetings of the EFNDT, the Association of national NDT societies from the whole of Europe “from the West Coast to the Urals”, with 22 ordinary and 7 associated members. Mike Farley called on all those who wanted to learn more about the EFNDT to use the opportunity and visit the EFNDT stall at the conference or the Internet page www.efndt.org.

After that, Mike Farley presented three EFNDT Awards. John Thompson received it for his worldwide work in the area of staff certification. Giuseppe Nardoni was honoured for his commitment to the cooperation between the NDT societies all over the world, which he had displayed for a long period of time. The third EFNDT Award went to Roger Roche for his long years of excellent work in the area of NDT standardisation.

ICNDT President Douglas Marshall was the next speaker. He expressed his appreciation for the work of the NDT community in Europe and acknowledged that it provided valuable impulses for the four other ICNDT regions time and again, thus determining the pace.

The festive presentation, delivered by Dr. Christian-Heinrich Wunderlich of the Saxon-Anhalt Office for Monument Preservation and Archaeology, told the audience about how the “Sky Disc of Nebra” was tracked down by illegal treasure hunters and how it ended up in its rightful place. And the keynote speech, delivered by Dr. Jens Telgkamp, Airbus Hamburg, focussed on the “Development of aircraft structures under the aspect of NDT”; both speeches formed the splendid ending to the opening ceremony.

Some 100 specialised exhibitors had set up their stalls on an area of more than 1,500 square metres and were all very happy with the course of the exhibition.

Apart from the specialised exhibitors, 22 NDT societies as well as the EFNDT and ICNDT had set up an information stand as well. At the suggestion of Prof. Vjera Krstelj from Croatia and under his leadership, a jury, consisting of Prof. Vladimir Klyuev (Russia), Gérard Hennaut (Belgium), Anthony Sonneveld (Australia) and Jörg Völker selected four information stalls, who received a certificate at the closing ceremony for the best design. This was Denmark, as a representative of the smaller countries, Spain for the medium-sized countries and Italy for the larger countries. The ASNT stall was selected as a representative of the participants from overseas.

The organisation of the gala evening, staged in two large halls of the Estrel Congress Centre, was a logistic masterpiece. Some 1,500 people were placed at their booked tables within half an hour and were able to relax and enjoy the festive ambience and the attractive programme, a show in the style of the 1920s in Berlin.

On the evening of the last but one day of the congress, the programme featured a festive concert with sacred music at the Berliner Cathedral.

In his closing address, Jörg Völker, in his capacity of the President of the Congress, struck a positive balance. He believed that this week in Berlin, with all the presentations and discussions and many consultations of various international bodies as well as the forging of many new contacts amongst one another, would add a new dimension to the NDT community in the whole world.

EFNDT President Mike Farley said in his closing remarks that his already high expectations had actually been exceeded and summed up his impressions in one single word: “perfect”.

Dr. Rainer Link received an especially prestigious distinction when Tony Wooldridge, President of the British NDT society (BINDT), bestowed on him the honorary BINDT membership.

View of the auditorium during the festive opening

Permanent Secretary Volkmar Strauch conveyed the greetings of the patron Klaus Wowereit

Hans Aisenbrey and Mike Farley received the DGZfP Pin of Honour

Douglas Marshall conveyed the greetings of ICNDT

Giuseppe Nardoni received the EFNDT Award for his contribution to the cooperation of the NDT societies.

John Thompson received the EFNDT Award for his merits in the area of staff certification

Roger Roche received the EFNDT Award for his commitment to international NDT standardisation

View of the large festive hall of the Estrel during the gala evening

Festive concert at the Berliner Cathedral

Tony Wooldridge presented to Dr. Rainer Link the certificate of honorary BINDT membership

View of the exhibition

The Poster Evening

EFNDT General Assembly on 29 September 2006


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