NDT.net November 2006, Vol. 11 No.11

Hazmat Transportation Security System with GPS Satellite Tracking Software Enhances Fleet Security and Operations for Midwest Industrial X-Ray
Safefreight Technology's remote monitoring software enables GPS fleet tracking and security of vehicles containing radioactive materials.

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) November 7, 2006 -- Midwest Industrial X-Ray (MIX) has purchased Safefreight's security-enabled satellite vehicle tracking solution for their fleet of mobile dark room trucks that carry radioactive hazardous materials. Safefreight's GPS fleet tracking security system -- SmartFleet™ -- was installed on MIX's vehicles to fulfill the communications requirement under part 385.415 (c) of the Safety Fitness Procedures regulation administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Security Administration (FMCSA).

"MIX's mobile industrial x-ray units use gamma radiation to take detailed x-rays of metal structures. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) conducts regular inspections of our operations and were impressed with our Safefreight-equipped vehicles, which they described as unique," said Nikki Altringer, co-owner of Midwest Industrial X-Ray.

The Safefreight SmartFleet™ system installed by MIX includes diagnostic sensors to monitor the opening and closing of doors, and an alarm system that serves as a local deterrent. Pagers were also supplied to enable drivers with immediate alert capability.

In addition to security benefits, the SmartFleet™ system collects vehicle data such as real-time location and provides rule exception and notification such as speed and seatbelt violations through SmartFleet™, Safefreight's Internet application. "Our SmartFleet™ system provides the necessary set of tools to help MIX ensure they have the best system in place to support their fleet security and safety standards," said Jim Balestra, Chief Operating Officer of Safefreight Technology.

About Safefreight
Founded in 1998, Safefreight is a developer and provider of security-enhanced fleet management technology. Through its SmartFleet™ system, Safefreight provides full vehicle security and visibility through proprietary technology that comprises a web-based GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software application that integrates mobile asset tracking technology and asset-to-Internet software. In addition to optimizing fleet operations, this transportation security technology provides situational awareness of vehicles and the tools for fleet managers to mitigate threats. For more information, please visit www.safefreight.com.

About Midwest Industrial X-Ray
Since 1982, MIX provides non-destructive testing and inspection services to the oil and gas industry, chemical, manufacturing, food processing, building/structural, agriculture, machining and power industries. It has grown from a small two-person operation in Fargo, ND to a company of 50 servicing the Midwest United States.

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