NDT.net December 2006, Vol. 11 No.12

New Innovative Coating Thickness Gauge

Sonatest Sonocoat: When what's on the surface really does matter

Sonatest is launching the Sonacoat, an innovative coating thickness gauge providing fast and accurate measurements in an easy to use format. The Sonacoat range consists of two different models, Sonacoat Easy and Sonacoat II, each with an F ( Ferrous) and FN (Ferrous and Non-ferrous) version.

The Sonacoat Easy F and Easy FN are simple to use for quick and easy testing. They are ideal for checking thickness of varnish, paint and chrome on all metals. Its integrated transducer has a measuring range of 3,500 Ám, with an accuracy of ▒ 3 Ám

The Sonacoat II-F and II-FN measure coatings on steel and non-ferrous metals with automatic substrate recognition, activating the appropriate measuring mode. The easy to operate menu structure includes a Scan Mode for fast measurement response when checking a large area. The separate probe improves access to parts and can measure accurately on small diameter parts. Coating Statistics and measurements can be transferred via an infrared interface to a PC. The measuring range is 0 - 1500 m / 60 mils

The full Sonacoat range is compact in its design and offers precise measurements on different geometries thanks to simple calibration methods. The IP52 environmental rating protect against common problems like dust and water ingress, improving reliability.

Sonacoat products are used for many applications where the thickness of the coating is important, either for visual or mechanical purposes. This includes paint shops and electroplaters, automotive and ship building industries, aerospace and others.

Sonatest Ltd is part of the Sonatest NDE Group, the leading independent manufacturer of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, X-Ray Equipment, Scanning Systems, Thickness Gauges, Transducers and NDT accessories. Find out more about Sonatest Ltd and our products by visiting www.sonatest.com.

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