NDT.net December 2006, Vol. 11 No.12

Sonotron NDT launches new ISONIC 2006

Inspect and Backup

Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector And Recorder

  • Large Bright High Resolution Color Touch Screen
  • Built-In Encoder Interface
  • USB, LAN, VGA outputs
  • Huge Data Storage Capability
  • Longitudinal, Shear, Guided, and Surface Waves
  • A-, B-, CB-, C-, D-, P-Scan and TOFD
  • Corrosion Profiling and Flaw Imaging
  • Up To 20m Length of One Record
  • Playback A-Scans for Recorded Images
  • Enhanced Signal Evaluation for Live and Frozen A-Scans
  • Defect Sizing and Pattern Analysis
  • Compliance with ASME and RBIM Procedures

ISONIC 2006 uniquely combines functionality and mobility of high performance portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with recording, imaging, and data processing capabilities of smart computerized inspection system ISONIC 2006 resolves a variety of ultrasonic inspection tasks. For more details about ISONIC 2006 please visit www.sonotronndt.com/i2006.htm.

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