NDT.net January 2007, Vol. 12 No.1

Ultrasound Simulation Software

Two new features are to be offered in new ("Plus") versions of CyberLogic Inc. simulation software, which allow the specification of a time-dependent distributed force transducer and the ability to specify a time-dependent volumetric strain associated with a region of space. Piezoelectric and orthotropic materials are also supported. These will be useful, for example, in the design and computational analysis of ultrasound transducers.

New Versions of Wave3000 Pro (2.20), including a 64 bit version for expanded memory capacity, are now available. Wave3000 Pro, our newest 3D ultrasound simulation package, provides the full 3D solution to ultrasound propagation, and is also compatible with multiprocessor systems, and as noted, a version for Windows XP (x64) has just been released.

Wave2000 Pro ver. 2.2, an enhanced 2D ultrasound simulation package, is now available! Wave2000 Pro Ver. 2.2 now offers batch processing, multiprocessor capability, and pressure (in addition to displacement) computation!

Wave2500 Pro ver. 1.2, a 3D-axisymmetric ultrasound simulation package, is now available! Wave2500 computes ultrasound solutions for objects and sources that are axisymmetric.

CyberLogic is a research and development and consulting company located in New York City, in business since 1992

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