NDT.net January 2007, Vol. 12 No.1

CYCLOPS Ultrasound Spot Weld Testing - Proved and Approved!

The CYCLOPS automatic in-line system has gained recognition from one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. Ford has used the Cyclops and tested for reliability, control, monitoring quality and cost comparisons. The positive results have led to Ford Europe validating the system.
CYCLOPS is a completely automatic in-line system for the inspection, evaluation and monitoring of spot welds via ultrasound and using artificial vision for position control. Ten full systems have already been installed in Ford`s plants, which has resulted in the detection of more faults much earlier on than their original manual system.

The advantages of the Cyclops are:

  • Improvement of RELIABILITY due to traceability, consistency and repeatability of ultrasonic tests.
  • Wider scope for QUALITY CONTROL due to faster inspection processes which allows a much larger number of spot welds to be tested. The typical inspection time of a spot weld including positioning varies from 3 to 6 seconds.
  • In-line inspection also enables testing for spot welds on each part of the car body.
  • Weld process MONITORING is another advantage as it allows real time availability of data output at critical points throughout the line for statistics and control.
  • Finally and possibly most importantly are COST SAVINGS. Our system eliminates the need for off-line testing, removing the costs of manual inspection, reducing line stoppages, cutting down wastage by faster identification of errors.
The leading innovation of the Cyclops system is specialized high resolution ultrasonic probe with a dry contact solid interchangeable rubber delay developed to give the best performance for spot weld inspection. It allows a dry contact test for a larger scope of sheet thicknesses and weld diameters than can be inspected using a traditional bubble probe.

The application software automatically evaluates the ultrasonic signal and visual input, then classifies the weld, adds the result to the database and updates the history records and statistics. Single or multichannel boards allow independent operation of up to four units

CYCLOPS applications are adaptable for any industry where in line spot weld testing exists: automotive, railway (wagon), container etc..

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