NDT.net January 2007, Vol. 12 No.1

Olympus NDT Publishes Free
"Understanding Phased Array Technology" Poster.

Waltham, MA, November 2006. - Olympus NDT is pleased to announce the publication of its new "Understanding Phased Array Technology" poster.

Olympus NDT has notably contributed to the increased worldwide acceptance of phased array technology in the field of nondestructive testing. In order to support the growing NDT community, Olympus NDT has published the "Understanding Phased Array Technology" poster. This poster has been designed by field experts to present phased array technology in a concise and clearly illustrated manner. Basic concepts, probe types, scanning patterns, defect positioning, time-corrected gain (TCG), and distance-amplitude correction (DAC) are all explained quickly and effectively. This poster will become a valuable resource for those who are responding to the large demand for phased array solutions. This poster will be made available through the Olympus NDT Web site (click here) and also by sending an email to info@olympusNDT.com.

About Olympus NDT
Olympus NDT provides an industry-leading portfolio of NDT solutions featuring innovative ultrasonic testing (UT), eddy current (ET), and related nondestructive testing technologies. Our goal is to supply reliable and economical inspection and maintenance systems globally that enhance environmental and personal safety, security, and productivity for customers, and which also contribute to society. We are committed to actively pursuing the development of new technologies, products, and services offering the best solutions to a large variety of customers' needs.

The Olympus NDT head office is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. The company is represented by an extensive network of branch offices and representatives in all the major industrial regions of the world. For more information regarding Olympus NDT products and service visit: www.olympusNDT.com or contact:

Meindert Anderson
Marketing Manager
Olympus NDT

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