NDT.net February 2007, Vol. 12 No.2

Multimedia Presentation of the ECNDT 2006 Keynote Lecture

NDT.net has produced this keynote lecture as streaming video suitable for the Internet

The German Society for Nondestructive Testing (DGZfP) has kindly provided NDT.net a video of the keynote lecture which was held during the ECNDT in September 2006 in Berlin. The video showed the 50 minute lecture "Design of Aircraft Structures under Special Consideration of NDT", by Jens Telgkamp from Airbus Hamburg. Of course such a video was not directly suitable for the Internet. First of all the file size of such a video is very big and secondly the content shows the speaker most of the time but rarely the slides and, if showing a slide, the resolution was not good enough. On the other hand we had all 70 slides in a good quality as Adobe PDF format available.

It was a challenge to make this excellent lecture suitable for the Internet. How this could this be done?

We used a movie editor program to insert all the slides in a video track. We extracted the audio track from the video to inserted this into the audio track of the slides. It was just a little bit time consuming to adjust the duration of each slide to the content of the speech. In the end we used video format, digitized with dynamic sampling rate in 640x480 pixel to achieve a good resolution, but still in a reasonable file size of only 55 MByte.
Now it is a movie which can be seen as streaming movie even with a 56K modem via the Internet. That means the movie starts playing just after clicking the link.

We hope that this production will help to enable people all over the world to participate in NDT knowledge.

To see this presentation click here.

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