NDT.net March 2006, Vol. 12 No.3

New Viscom X8060 NDT universal X-ray Inspection System

Hanover, March 2007 -- With its new X8060 NDT universal X-ray and CT inspection system, inspection specialist Viscom AG has once again extended its already comprehensive equipment portfolio. With this system, Viscom offers an advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) solution for larger and heavier objects. The X8060 NDT also provides a no-compromise solution to the complex and rapidly changing inspection requirements of electronics assemblies. Because computed tomography (CT) was integrated into the system design from the start, the X8060 NDT has an inherent flexibility that makes it a valuable inspection instrument for a wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, aviation and aerospace, medical technology, turbine construction, machine tool manufacturing, materials science, ceramic and synthetics production, electronics, sensor technology and bonding technology.

The systemís integrated computed tomography allows 3-D reconstruction of test objects weighing up to 30 kg (66 lbs). For objects of this size, Viscom has developed a new microfocus X-ray tube with a maximum acceleration voltage of 250 kV, allowing better irradiation of thick and highly absorbent structures. Viscomís new XMC real-time image processing provides improved images with no time delay, so the operator can fully concentrate on the inspection object without distractions.

Typical defects recognized by this non-destructive process are cracks, fractures, pores, voids, foreign bodies, form deviations, incorrect positioning, misalignment or inhomogeneous material transitions. The X8060 NDTís capability to inspect hidden solder joints in electronics assemblies (such as with BGAs, THDs, etc.) using high magnification and angled radiation, which allows the three-dimensional structure of the solder joints to be directly viewed and evaluated, is unique in this class of system. The versatility of the X8060 NDT makes it especially attractive to the increasing number of manufacturers who incorporate electronics into larger modules and devices.

The systemís modular precision manipulator, with up to eight CNC-capable axes, opens up new possibilities for angled irradiation with high magnification by allowing measurement in all three spatial directions, either as a two-dimensional projection or a three-dimensional volume model. High-speed processors quickly bring a realistic image of the test object to the monitor screen, where it can be sliced in any direction and analyzed.

The new inspection system X8060 will be shown for the first time at the Hannover Fair in Hall 16, Booth E32. www.viscom.com.

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