NDT.net March 2007, Vol. 12 No.3

"TÜV" certifies the quality of YXLON X-ray images
The quality of YXLON X-ray images using an YXLON Y.Multiplex system is better than with film

HAMBURG, Germany, 2/12/07 - TÜV Nord SysTec GmbH & Cp. KG, a German corporate association for independent testing, assessment and certification, has certified the quality of X-ray images generated using the YXLON Y.Multiplex radiation-shielded cabinet system. Images made using conventional film were compared with those made by digital X-ray detectors. Image-quality identifiers in compliance with the ASTM E1742 standard were applied to the inspection items to rate image quality.The Y.Multiplex cabinet is being operated by International Aerospace Tubes-Asia(IAT-Asia) to inspect the tubes mounted on aircraft engines along with the welding seams resulting from installation. Both Pratt & Whitney and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company are equity shareholders of IAT-Asia.

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