NDT.net April 2007, Vol. 12 No.4

New Ultrasonic Cylinder Scanning System Installed

Aurora, IL -- Cyl-Tec, Inc.'s new Cylinder Scanning System uses immersion technology to ultrasonically inspect high-pressure gas cylinders, includes a pneumatic tilt table; a recyclable water bath tank, a drive collar for positively clamping the cylinder, an X-Y-Z-H-R scanning bridge to position the ultrasonic scanning sensor along the cylinder wall and a Windows XP operating system. The UE-1 systems was designed and built by Digital Wave of Centennial, Colorado.

"We are pleased to introduce this new Cylinder Scanning System with the highest throughput in the industry," said Jim Bennett, President of Cyl-Tec, Inc. "This, we believe, is the first machine of its kind to be used for "requal" applications with a full degree of accuracy and repeatability." The easy setup and non- contact nature (single transducer design) of the system means that the system calibrates quicker and stays in calibration longer."The system provides a more thorough inspection than hydrotesting and does not require devalving cylinders. The UE-1 is ISO6406 compliant and ready for HM220. It finds all required flaws and thickness standards," Bennett said.

Cyl-Tec, a member of the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association, now offers a wide range of products including steel and aluminum high-pressure cylinders, acetylene cylinders, portable cryogenic cylinders, ACRYLEX fast-dry water-based paints, cylinder valves and caps, and other related items.

Cyl-Tec also hydrostatically and ultrasonically tests and maintains all types of high-pressure cylinders, as well as requalifies acetylene cylinders. Cyl-Tec's cryogenic repair services include a two-year warranty on vacuum. Since 1991, Cyl-Tec, Inc. has been an industry source for high-quality cylinder maintenance. Cyl-Tec, Inc. is a registered U.S. DOT hydrostatic and ultrasonic test station and provides U.S. DOT-approved cryogenic cylinder repair.

For more information, contact: Cyl-Tec, Inc., 950 West Industrial Drive, Aurora, IL 60506; Phone: 888-429-5832 or 630-844-8800; Fax: 630-844-5100; e-mail: info@cyl-tec.com; or visit www.cyl-tec.com.

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