NDT.net April 2007, Vol. 12 No.4

NDT.net has released new Search Functions

To make searches even more efficient NDT.net has developed new search functions. While searching NDTnet's high numbers of articles it may happen that the search delivers many results. Additional outputs on top of the list of search results provide results which are close to the desired search topic. The user can then narrow the search hence reducing time in literature searches.

First output on top highlights exhibitor articles:
On top of the search results is shown a summary of all exhibitor articles. This function acknowledges all exhibitors which have articles in the database and provides another potential area to search for related information.

Second output shows keywords and similar keywords:
On top of the results is shown a summary of all similar Keywords. For example: A search for "array" will list keywords like: ultrasonic array, phased array, ECT array etc. This function directs users' attention to articles which match closely to the desired search topic.

Both new functions are available in the Database Search and in the Text Search.

Please report comments and errors of this new function to Rolf Diederichs at rd@ndt.net

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