NDT.net April 2007, Vol. 12 No.4

Introducing Pocket AE!!

The Pocket AE-1 Acoustic Emission (AE) system is a computerized hand-held instrument for AE testing and leak detection applications. Due to its portable nature and full AE features and functions capabilities, this system can be used in any remote, short term AE application and evaluation, making it an ideal NDT test tool. It performs traditional AE feature extraction based AE signal processing, as well as advanced waveform based acquisition and processing. Text and graphic results are displayed on the Quarter-VGA (240 wide x 320 high pixels) sized color LCD screen. AE data files are saved in traditional PAC, DTA files and are transferrable to a desktop or notebook computer via compact flash cards and/or the USB bus, for full data analysis using PAC's AEwin™ or Noesis™ software.

The Pocket AE-1 uses an architecture much like that used in hand-held PDA (Portable Data Assistant), and utilizes Microsoft Windows-CE operating system. Win-CE is a more compact version of Microsoft Windows with most of the same features and graphical user interface for instant familiarity. The unit is a high performance, wide bandwidth, single-channel AE system, with 16 bit A/D conversion and other key features as found in PAC's DiSP systems. There is even a 16 bit parametric input channel to correlate AE with other external process variables.

To download the brochure, which includes full specifications, click here!

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