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December 1996

NDT of Wood Proceedings available - Read TOC. The 10th International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing Lausanne - Switzerland Aug 96.
The complete Cordis service is now available on the Worls Wide Web.
The service includes nine separate databases each providing a distinct information resource
Eines neues Ultraschall-Prüfverfahren zur In-Prozeß Punktschweißkontrolle German news story about an ultrasonic technique which controls the spot diameter during the welding process.
FIexiTrak II Innovative Portable Scanning
Innovation in nondestructive testing Automated resonance testing of ...
Kostengünstige zerstörungsfreie Dickenmessung
Universelle Präzisionsdickenmessung
Kleine Platine - große Leistung
The Internet Ultrasonic Testing online Journal presents the 1996 Contents-Plus on this CD-ROM. UT'96. Think of the online time you will save with this handy archive - 1500 files of 12 UT-Online issues already downloaded! Plus this CD-ROM includes excellent contents from many other NDT Internet sites. There is an introduction tour to help newcomers get started, including a half hour of sound movies, information on Internet programs, and examples of access to NDT sources on the Internet. The CD-ROM is a great help during online sessions, too - a simple mouseclick on an WWW link takes you directly to your target NDT site on the Internet.
For more information.
We have founded the NDT Network, reflecting the new domain name "http://www.NDT.net". This month's feature is the opening of the NDT online exhibition incorporating the former UT online exhibition. Our ultrasonic clients gave us an example of how useful customer contacts were established during their presentations on this site. Also new this month, many non-ultrasonic manufacturers have begun displaying their products - have a look ... GO

November 1996

Contact Krautkrämer and receive a free copy of the Echo 36. A new edition of the company magazine is available now, which provides a lot of useful information.
QMI introduced it's QMI 2020 board The QMI 2020 is a flexible PC Based Ultrasonic Test System.
New transducer Delay Line from Sigma Its material provides new properties.
UT instrument's Online Help via the Internet? This was demonstrated in Seattle by Krautkraemer's PC-based instrument USPC2100. Could the operator surf on the Inertnet during work as well?
Director of the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation. Iowa State University of Science and Technology seeks an outstanding individual for the position of director of the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation.
50 German Abstracts from FWD
Recent topics:
MTQ Dortmund, DGZfP Seminar, WCNDT India
Check former events for post conference information (proceedings).

October 1996

Innovative technology simplifies inspection of insulated piping .
The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) News.
This study analyzes the nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment market in the United States and abroad.
This study analyzes the broad field of ultrasonic technology.
Laser-generated ultrasound NDT inspection system for aircraft parts.
UltraOptec developed an inspection system for the USAF (United States Air Force) to be used for the inspection of large scale aircraft parts. This version of the system includes a gantry robot which allows the surface inspection of an entire airplane wing with a 0.1 inch resolution. The inspection bay area is approximately 13 m by 6 m. by 4 m..
Proceedings: International Symposium NDT in Civil '95, Berlin..
The table of contents is online available, 1350 pages in 2 Volumes.
Proceedings: Ultrasonics World Congress '95 Berlin.
The table of contents is available online, 1100 pages in 2 Volumes.
1996 Nov 12-15 Dortmund
MTQ '96 Testing for Quality Exhibition
Internet & Marketing
Here is our new
information and enquiry form regarding the issues: Advertising/NDTnet Exhibition/Web Pages/Homepages.
Virtual Market Place - Virtual Exhibition, this represents a great oppertunity in a rapidly expanding market place. You are entitled to participate, free of charge, with any purchase from our product range. The Internet is a great medium for contacts and information - and so can meet your marketing needs. If you are not sure what your company can gain from it, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would be grateful if you could consider our services - you will have a competent partner.
Further information:. Internet Publishing[Homepage] or [Stand]
Contact: Tel: + 49/(0)5221/769314 Fax: + 49/(0)5221/769731 E-mail:

September 1996

Center Developing Air-Coupled Testing Technology
Researchers at CNDE are investigating air as a couplant for ultrasonic tests.
Air-Coupled Testing bibliograph This shows a lot of activities for this new technique.
Request for information on Condition Monitoring Systems The PROSMAT 2000 project team - supported by the Research Council of Norway - is looking for suppliers of commercially used "Condition Monitoring-/inspection"-systems within all branches.
Ultraschallprüfung von austenitischen Plattierungen .....

Ultrasonic Testing of austenitic components - A new German book by E. Neumann.
QMI designed a new ultrasonic probe
which is a 17 MHz Pencil Probe with a minimum thickness reading of 0.005 inches. QMI strongly believes it is time to redefine the way transducers are designed, manufactured and sold. Therefore, wo applied our knowledge and experience to design a new line of ultrasonic transducers incorporating innovative features. Quite simply, our goal is to meet or exceed the performance of the finest transducers in the market place. For more information you can contact
QMI through the UTonline Exhibition.

August 1996

QMI designed a new ultrasonic probe, which is a 17 MHz Pencil Probe with a minimum thickness reading of 0.005 inches. For more information, you can contact QMI through the UTonline Exhibition .
Lamb Wave Disbond Detector. Companies offering products for the aging aircraft inspection market.
Ultrasonic probe saves aircraft Recently, Dr. Joseph L. Rose was recognized as a finalist in Discover Magazine's Discover Awards for his ultrasonic probe.
Optical Technique for Tunable Ultrasonic Frequency Signal Generation and Control CREOL develops a novel optical system for generating and processing ultrasonic frequency band signals.
Ultrasonic Methods of Non-destructive Testing. A new book by Jack Blitz and Geoff Simpson, First Edition 1996, published by Chapman & Hall London.
BENSON CARLIN, formerly of Princeton, NJ,
a pioneer in the development of ultrasonic imaging and testing, died on June 22, 1996 at St. Mary's Hospital in Langhorne, PA, of heart failure. He was 80 years old. In 1949, Carlin wrote the first book in English on this new technology,
Ultrasonics (McGraw-Hill; 2nd edition, 1960).

July 1996

NDT employment Bruce Spedding created an experimental web page to allow both those looking for positions and those wishing to fill them to advertise. Read more backround about this page. This page is part of the New Zealand NDT Association.
Students - Win 8000 DM (in German) All students 30 years old or younger, anywhere in the world, are eligible. Entries must contribute to NDT technology. Scientific-based entries have a better chance of winning. Questions? => DGZfP email: 100335@compuserve.com
NDT Training Material Training material provided by Materials Research Institute includes correspondence training courses and NDT software.
Home Page of Pipetronix GmbH This is the German site, even in english :)
NDT Newsgroup Info: IRC #NDT Channel: Summer Break! [01.July96]

June 1996

NDT'96 - The annual Conference of the societies DGZfP, ÖGfZP, SGZP.
Rolf Diederichs reports on this conference, which contains the highlights for Ultrasonic Testing.
34 complete UT abstracts are displayed.
NASA NDE Working Group (NNWG) Homepage Including the Newsletters and much more.
ASNT's Ultrasonic Committee
CSNDT Home Page The Canadian Society for Nondestructive Testing now has a web site! It is constantly being updated so stay tuned for new features. Stop by, sign our guest book and send for a free copy of the CSNDT Journal!
Pipetronix Ltd. Information on the UltraScan System, monitoring pipelines for corrosion.
Very heavy graphics. Turning them off won't help. They also have server-push.
Bankruptcy for three Fokker Companies Fokker Aviation B.V. to continue Fokker will concentrate on the Sales and Marketing, Engineering ... as well as Industrial Products and N.D.T. equipment like the Fokker Bondtester and the Fokker Stack Tester.
Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN)
PCN is an accredited independent certification body.
Ultrasonic Inspection of Advanced Composites workshops Abaris Training now offers two different versions of our workshops, 3 days and 5 days in length.
The Weekly IRC #NDT is a newly established NDT real-time discussion channel. Here is the record for a former topic: IRC Record: Novel Methods for Generating Ultrasound" [01.June96]

May 1996

Ultrasonic Inspection of Polymer Matrix Composites A programme is now underway to identify and develop procedures suitable for standardisation. This programme is being led by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).
Corrosion Survey Database Program Prairie Air Holdings Ltd. has developed the CSD-100 program in co-operation with the NDT- industry to deal with the large volume of data in an ultrasonic corrosion survey.
New transducer designs 3 projects funded by the EC.
Ultraschall-Schweißnahtprüfanlagen für Großrohre in Mülheim und Dünkirchen Sichere Prüfergebnisse bei höchsten Anforderungen. Mit 2 Fotos der Anlage.

April 1996

Low Cost, High Speed Signal Processing for Ultrasonic
NASA has developed a new technique to process data using a combination of hardware and software to provide a flexible and low cost method of high speed signal processing for a wide variety of applications.
MTQ' 96 Guide, List of Exhibitors APRIL 16-18 Birmingham: MTQ 96 Testing for Quality Exhibition.
I²Sonic on the MTQ' 96 A new UT System from Sonotron LTD. Israel.

March 1996

``We will be doing a thorough investigation of this axle and will be undertaking ultrasonic tests on the axles of the remaining H6 fleet'', said David Gunn, TTC Chief General Manager.
Willkommen bei der DGZfP This server is under construction.
Phönix Inspection System New Home page.
Unicorn Automation (NDT) Ltd.
Their speciality is in the area of Ultrasonic testing of steel products.
UXR New Home page

Februar 1996

Due to agreements with resource suppliers, e.g. the FIZ-Database Frankfurt, the department Abstracts has been developed . The content will increase and together with the "Journal Search", we trust in having a useful service for you. Sponsors are still welcome for support of some of this sevices.
Ultrasonic Testing - Guaranteed to stick Researchers at the Fraunhofer-Institut IZFP for NDT saw an opportunity to take a closer look at adhesive bonds using a well-proven method - ultrasonic testing.
Cracks were not found with ultrasonic testing. A message from Friday, 10th .of February,1995, but still acute: about the racks of an austenitic pipe at one of german's nuclear power station.

January 1996

Ultrasonic Testing - Where are the cracks in a Pipeline?
A Pig with 898 Ultrasonic Transducers. IZFP Saarbrücken . Refer also to our Publication Information
Steuern mit Ultraschall. Die Vorspannkraft genauer treffen
Der Ultraschallerzeuger wird direkt auf den Schraubenkopf aufgebracht. Es wird möoeglich, zuverläaessig transversale und longitudinale Wellen zur Messung der Schraubendehnung als Maß fuer die Vorspannkraft einzusetzen. Bauer&Schaurte Karcher Verbindungstechnik GmbH, Neuss
This Journal opened officially on the 1st. January 1996!
What are the advantages of the Internet?.
The MTIR (Material Testing Internet Resources) is a newly established non profit corporation, set up by
Dr. Marty Jones.
Homepage of SEA
Specialty Engineering Associates (SEA) specializes in ultrasound related products
West Penn Testing Laboratories, Inc
An Independent Inspection & Testing Laboratory. Providing non-destructive testing services & inspections for nearly half-a-century.

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