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2019-03 iCT 2019 Short talks
Thu 13:50 Auditorium
Custom-made software tool for the automatic implementation of surface extraction methods based on gradient operators
R. Jiménez-pacheco1, S. Ontiveros-Zepeda2, J. Yagüe-Fabra33
1Centro Universitario de la Defensa (CUD)3, Zaragoza, Spain
2Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tecate, Mexico
3University of Zaragoza18, Zaragoza, Spain
Edge detection, metrology, computed tomography, software

iCT 2019
Session: Short talks
Thu 13:50 Auditorium
2019-03 NDT Days 2018 Company Seminars
Sound and Vibration Software – BK Connect
B. Mihaylov4
SPECTRI Ltd4, Sofia, Bulgaria
software, sound, vibration, application, testing, analysis

NDT Days 2018
Session: Company Seminars
2017-11 NDT Days 2017 Advanced Techniques in NDТ
Computed radiography vision in weld testing “cr-vision-wt”
N. Nacereddine4, N. Mhamda2, A. Goumeidane
DTSI; Scientific Research Center on Welding and NDT (CSC)69, Chéraga, Algeria
radiographic testing, weld defect, image processing and analysis, software

NDT Days 2017
Session: Advanced Techniques in NDТ
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Aerospace structures: Modeling, Verification & Validation
An Innovative Health Monitoring System for Aircraft Landing Gears
G. Perone1, M. Bruno2, F. Bocchetto2, G. Breglio15, M. Pugliese1, A. Calandra1, A. Nocella1, A. Cavallari3, S. Schiano Lo Moriello4, G. Capuano5, D. Rossetti6
1aDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology bDIETI; University of Naples Federico II40, Naples, Italy
2Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A, Naples, Italy
3Megaris srl, Caserta, Italy
4Euro.soft srl, Naples, Italy
5Techno System Developments srl, Naples, Italy
6Consorzio TechNapoli, Naples, Italy
NDT-wide, Other Methods, aerospace, vibration analysis, software, optical fiber sensor, Piezoelectric sensors, Landing Gear, health monitoring and management, sensor integration, control box unit, Experimental

EWSHM 2016
Session: Aerospace structures: Modeling, Verification & Validation
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Civil Structures. Modeling, experimental demonstrations
Implementation of communication, collection and tracking units in crisis operation
F. Casciati16, S. Casciati25, L. Faravelli14, M. Vece13
1DICAr; University of Pavia7, Pavia, Italy
2DICAr; University of Catania6, Catania, Italy
civil engineering, railway, condition monitoring, software, Wireless sensors, Railway system, Position accuracy, Data integrity, Critical asset, Reliability

EWSHM 2016
Session: Civil Structures. Modeling, experimental demonstrations
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Diagnostics and Prognostics for Damage Assesment
DELORES - A System for Detection and Localization of Structural Damages
R. Johansen, M. Ulriksen6, L. Damkilde4
Department of Civil Engineering; Aalborg University3, Aalborg, Denmark
software, stochastic dynamic damage locating vector, structural health monitoring, damage identification, software development, outlier analysis

EWSHM 2016
Session: Diagnostics and Prognostics for Damage Assesment
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Guided waves based methods for SHM-I
Robust mixed finite element simulations of interactions of ultrasonic waves with cracks
D. Lukas
Department of Applied Mathematics, FEECS; VSB-Technical University of Ostrava11, OSTRAVA, Czech Republic
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Modeling and Simulation, aerospace, software, guided waves (lamb waves)

EWSHM 2016
Session: Guided waves based methods for SHM-I
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Neural Networks and AI approaches
Machine learning algorithms for structural health monitoring
K. Smarsly6, K. Dragos, S. Chowdhury3, J. Wiggenbrock
aCivil Engineering bChair of Computing in Civil Engineering; Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
neural network, statistical analysis, civil engineering, software, computer-aided structural assessment, analytical redundancy, sensor fault detection, machine learning, structural health monitoring

EWSHM 2016
Session: Neural Networks and AI approaches
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Neural Networks and AI approaches
Application of Principles of Artificial General Intelligence in Structural Health Monitoring
A. Serov2
Research Group of Automatic Intelligent Data Acquisition [RG AIDA]; Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)30, Moscow, Russia
Other Methods, embedded sensor, Modeling and Simulation, statistical analysis, vibration analysis, condition monitoring, defect characterization, software, Feature Extraction, Wireless sensors, Probabilistic and stochastic modelling, Structural Health Monitoring, Artificial Subjective Reality, Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Self-learning in Data Streams, Cognitive Sensor

EWSHM 2016
Session: Neural Networks and AI approaches
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM Simulation
Methods and tools for model-based virtual sensors applied to condition monitoring
M. Gonzalez1, E. Esteban1, O. Salgado12, J. Croes2, B. Pluymers23, W. Desmet25
1IK4-Ikerlan6, Arrasate-Mondragón, Spain
2Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) 105, Leuven, Belgium
Modeling and Simulation, condition monitoring, software, FMI, Virtual sensing, Modeling, state estimation

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM Simulation
2016-02 iCT 2016 Poster exhibition
An investigation into CT uncertainty for industrial use
L. Andersen, M. Holmberg
Danish Technological Institute, Taastrup, Denmark
Projections, Software, Voxel Size, Uncertainty, Industrial use

iCT 2016
Session: Poster exhibition
2015-01 AeroNDT 2014
A step forward full automatic analysis
S. Barut15, N. Dominguez128, J. Noiret2, I. Kameneff3
2STRUCTURE HEALTH ENGINEERING; EADS Composites Aquitaine, Salaunes, France
3TESTIA France37, Toulouse, France
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Software, Automation, Analysis, Ultrasonic, Composite, Aerospace

AeroNDT 2014
2015-01 AeroNDT 2014
Robot-based solution To Obtain an Automated, Integrated And Industrial Non-Destructive Inspection Process
E. Cuevas-Aguado6, S. Hernandez7, C. Ramos2
Aeronautical NDT Techniques; Tecnatom S.A.94, Madrid, Spain
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Robots, Hardware, Integrated inspection process, Software

AeroNDT 2014
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Computed Tomography
Fully automated in-line 3D CT inspection – example on the basis of an integration into an aluminum-casting production
S. Gondrom-Linke19, T. Guenther14, F. Hansen28, F. Jeltsch26
1Department EZRT; Volume Graphics GmbH39, Heidelberg, Germany
2Volkswagen AG, Hannover Foundry8, Hannover, Germany
computed tomography (CT), image processing, automotive, in-process, in-line, light metal casting, automated evaluation, CT, software

ECNDT 2014
Session: Computed Tomography
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Signal and image processing in NDT/NDE
Integrating Quality Control Tests in a Computed Tomography System
L. Franco19, P. Tahoces22
1Centro Tecnológico; Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste (AIMEN)11, Pontevedra, Spain
2CITIUS (Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías da Información); Universidade de Santiago de Compostlal (USC) 4, Santiago de Compostlal, Spain
Radiographic Testing (RT), computed tomography (CT), image processing, miscellaneous, quality, image, computed tomography, cone beam, software

ECNDT 2014
Session: Signal and image processing in NDT/NDE
2013-04 CSHM 2012 Poster
Modern Structural Monitoring Systems for High-Rise and Unique Buildings
A. Shakhramanyan, J. Kuckartz, Y. Kolotovichev
NPO SODIS, Moscow, Russia
NDT-wide, Other Methods, Building, software, structural health monitoring
CSHM 2012
Session: Poster
Automated analysis of eddy current data using RevospECT
T. O'Dell
Zetec88, Snoqualmie, WA, USA
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), automation, analysis, software, auto analysis

NDT Canada 2012
Advancements in Automated Inspection Systems for CANDU Steam Generators and Similar Heat Exchanger Tubes.
D. Seto12, P. Marmer2, D. Sheff3
1UTEX Scientific Instruments6, Mississauga, Canada
2Focal Point NDE2, Missassauga, Canada
3Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd., Cambridge, ON, Canada
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), instrumentation, software, remote control, inspection automation

NDT Canada 2012
2012-08 Cofrend 2011
Analyse des données ultrasonores pour l?inspection des matériaux composites
E. Lacaze1, V. Bissauge16, S. Barut25
1TESTIA France37, Toulouse, France
2EADS Corporate Research Center5, Colomiers, France
Cofrend 2011
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Materials: Composites, Polymers, Ceramics
Computer-aided analysis of ultrasound data to speed-up the release of aerospace CFRP components
S. Barut15, V. Bissauge26, G. Ithurralde1,215, W. Claassens33
1Innovation Works Dep. (IW); European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) 15, Toulouse, France
2TESTIA France37, Toulouse, France
3African NDT Centre(ANDTC)6, Centurion, South Africa
ultrasound, aerospace, carbon fiber composite, software, analysis

WCNDT 2012
Session: Materials: Composites, Polymers, Ceramics
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