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Keyword: Computed Tomography,
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Hybrid CPU-GPU Parallelization of Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms in Version 1.2 of the IRXCT Windows Application
D. Trinca
Institute of Measurement Science; Slovak Academy of Science7, Bratislava, Slovakia
Computed Tomography, GPU, Iterative reconstruction, Hybrid parallelization

NDT.net Journal
2020-04 SINCE 2019
Evaluation of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Images of Additively Manufactured Components using Deep Learning
B. Mutiargo
ARTC; A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)5, Singapore, Singapore
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, U-Net, Fujitsu Engineering Cloud, XCT, X-ray, Computed Tomography, NDT, Additive Manufacturing

SINCE 2019
2020-02 AeroNDT 2019 Data Processing & Computed Tomography
Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography for Additive Manufacturing process Quality Assurance and parameters definition
C. Galleguillos5, A. Periñán2, J. Santaolaya, S. González5, F. Lasagni21
aMaterials & Processes department bMaterials & Processes departmen; Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (FADA-CATEC)19, Seville, Spain
Computed Tomography, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Radiography

AeroNDT 2019
Session: Data Processing & Computed Tomography
2020-02 iCT 2020 Artefact reduction and Optimisation
Fri 10:50 Room 1
X-ray scatter removal for artifact free CT imaging
M. Krenkel12, M. Erler15, S. Tzoumas2, C. Kuhn114
1Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH22, Oberkochen, Germany
2Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen, Germany
X-Ray, Computed Tomography, Artifact Correction, Scatter Removal

iCT 2020
Session: Artefact reduction and Optimisation
Fri 10:50 Room 1
2020-02 iCT 2020 Image Processing and Deep Learning
Thu 15:40 Room 1
Automated detection of micrometer-cracks and delamination in CT volumes of previously stressed CFRP pressure rods
T. Schromm12, J. Holtmann1, M. Koch23, C. Grosse3116
1BMW AG12, Munich, Germany
2Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF10, Darmstadt, Germany
3Chair of NDT; Technical University of Munich (TUM)120, Munich, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), automation, CFRP, Computed Tomography, ndt, Neural networks

iCT 2020
Session: Image Processing and Deep Learning
Thu 15:40 Room 1
2020-02 iCT 2020 Image Processing, Optimisation and Reconstruction
Fri 09:00 Room 1
Task-Specific Acquisition Trajectories optimized using Observer Models
F. Bouhaouel1, F. Bauer22, C. Grosse1,3116
1Chair of NDT; Technical University of Munich (TUM)120, Munich, Germany
2Siemens AG, Corporate Technology (CT)65, Munich, Germany
Computed Tomography, Task-specific Acquisition Trajectory, Scan Planning, Scan Time Reduction, Sparsely Sampled CT, Model Observers

iCT 2020
Session: Image Processing, Optimisation and Reconstruction
Fri 09:00 Room 1
2020-02 iCT 2020 Metrology
Thu 10:50 Room 1
Computed tomography enabling virtual assembly
M. Kaufmann1, I. Effenberger110, M. Huber2
1Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)15, Stuttgart , Germany
2Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management IFF; University of Stuttgart285, Stuttgart , Germany
NDT-wide, Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), Other Methods, Dimensional metrology, Dimensional metrology, Computed Tomography, algorithms, Virtual assembly

iCT 2020
Session: Metrology
Thu 10:50 Room 1
2020-02 iCT 2020 Poster Exhibition, Dinner and Lab-Tours
Wed 17:25 Room 1
Investigation of the independence of the best assembly orientations with respect to X-ray source parameters in industrial computed tomography
N. Grozmani12, D. Chupina2, R. Schmitt117
1Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL; RWTH Aachen University52, Aachen, Germany
2Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)5, Moscow, Russia
Measurement Uncertainty, metrology, Computed Tomography, sinogram, workpiece orientation

iCT 2020
Session: Poster Exhibition, Dinner and Lab-Tours
Wed 17:25 Room 1
2019-12 NDT Review World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
Determination of Bonding Failures in Transparent Materials with Non-Destructive Methods—Evaluation of Climatically Stressed Glued and Laminated Glass Compounds
C. Sirtl, M. Kraus, C. Hadlich, A. Osburg
aDepartment of Steel and Hybrid Structures bDepartment of Building Chemistry and Polymer Materials; Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
Non-Destructive Testing, Bonding Methods, Computed Tomography

NDT Review
Session: World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
2019-11 DIR 2019 CT & Multi-angle Radiography
Multimodal Transfer Functions for Talbot-Lau Grating Interferometry Data
L. Da Cunha Melo12, B. Fröhler26, C. Heinzl238, J. Kastner2124, J. Weissenböck211
1Vienna University of Technolog (TU)57, Vienna, Austria
2Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ)172, Wels, Austria
Other Methods, Computed Tomography, Talbot-Lau Grating Interferometry

DIR 2019
Session: CT & Multi-angle Radiography
2019-11 DIR 2019 Defect Detection & Localisation
Establishment of Acceptance Criteria for Tomography Inspection of Aluminium Alloy Castings
A. Dakak1, V. Kaftandjian130, P. Duvauchelle117, P. Bouvet26
1National Institute of Applied Science ( INSA-Lyon)- University of Lyon67, Villeurbanne, France
2Centre Technique des Industries de la Fonderie (CTIF)7, Sèvres, France
Radiographic Testing (RT), Other Methods, casting, acceptance criteria, image processing, x-ray imaging, computed tomography

DIR 2019
Session: Defect Detection & Localisation
2019-11 DIR 2019 Radiation Techniques
Elucidating the distribution of organic consolidants in wood by Neutron Tomography
A. Nusser13, S. Röhrs12, A. Schwabe22, S. Radujkovic3, T. Bücherl414, V. Dangendorf5, U. Zscherpel6110, K. Osterloh647
1Rathgen-Forschungslabor; National Museums Berlin4, Berlin, Germany
2Chair of Wood and Fibre Material Technology; Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden)80, Dresden, Germany
3Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
4Radiochemie München RCM; Technical University of Munich (TUM)120, Munich, Germany
5Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)45, Braunschweig, Germany
6(Kurt Osterloh retired); BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1327, Berlin, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), data fusion, Computed Tomography, neutron tomography, fragmentation

DIR 2019
Session: Radiation Techniques
2019-11 DIR 2019 X-ray Sources
Evaluation of X-ray target materials to improve CT-based measurement of fiber orientations inside CF-SMC components
J. Teuwsen1, F. Bittner2, J. Steffen311
1Volkswagen AG10, Wolfsburg, Germany
2Fraunhofer-Institute for Wood Research (WKI)5, Hannover, Germany
3X-RAY WorX GmbH18, Garbsen, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), computed tomography, target, sheet molding compound

DIR 2019
Session: X-ray Sources
2019-06 NDE-India 2018 Computed Tomography
Inspection Of Computed Tomography (CT) Data And Finite Element (FE) Simulation Of Additive Manufactured (AM) Components
Y. AGARWAL1, K. GENC1, T. WILLIAMS1, P. Young1, T. PAWLAK2, L. CHENG3, S. Pilz2, N. Brinkhoff4, A. To3, P. BADDING5
1Synopsys Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA
2ANSYS Inc., Canonsburg, PA, USA
3University of Pittsburgh4, Pittsburgh, PA , USA
4North Star Imaging, Inc. (NSI)11, Rogers, MN, USA
5MOOG, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Computed Tomography, Additive Manufacturing, Finite Element, Benchmarking, Reverse Engineering

NDE-India 2018
Session: Computed Tomography
2019-06 NDE-India 2018 Computed Tomography
Application of Xray Computed Tomography for Characterization of Weld Defects in Tubes
K. Arunmuthu2, T. Saravanan3, S. Mahadevan5, C. Mukhopadhyay4
Non Destructive Evaluation Division; Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)103, Kalpakkam, India
Computed tomography, Reconstruction, Welding, Porosity, Inclusion

NDE-India 2018
Session: Computed Tomography
2019-06 NDE-India 2018 NDE Sensor, Systems, Software & Instrumentation
Computed Metro Tomography for faster Metrology and NDE
M. Arumugam, R. Varughese, G. Narayanan
Indian Space Research Organisation, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Computed Tomography, Metrology, Defect analysis, Microfocus / Minifocus X-ray, Casting & 3D printing

NDE-India 2018
Session: NDE Sensor, Systems, Software & Instrumentation
Potentials and Limitations of Simulation Based Artefact Correction in Computed Tomography
E. Uhlmann3, J. Polte, S. Melnik
Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik (IPK)2, Berlin, Germany
Artefact Correction, Monte-Carlo-Simulation, Computed Tomography

Defektoskopie 2018
2019-03 iCT 2019 Algorithms & Reconstruction
Wed 16:20 Auditorium
Deep-Learning-based Artifact Suppression in High Resolution CT Reconstruction
Topal, Emre; Löffler, Markus; Clausner, André; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Computed Tomography, Reconstruction Algorithm, Machine vision, Deep convolutional neural network

iCT 2019
Session: Algorithms & Reconstruction
Wed 16:20 Auditorium
2019-03 iCT 2019 Materials Characterization
Fri 10:50 Auditorium
In-situ computed tomography investigation of the compression behaviour of strut, and periodic surface lattices
A. Jansson3, L. Pejryd6
aSchool of Science and Technology bScool of Science and Technology; Örebro University6, Örebro, Sweden
Additive manufacturing, computed tomography, periodic surface lattices, in-situ compression, fabrication error

iCT 2019
Session: Materials Characterization
Fri 10:50 Auditorium
2019-03 iCT 2019 Metrology
Thu 09:00 Auditorium
Software-based compensation of computed tomography instrument misalignments – experimental study
E. Ametova3, M. Ferrucci3, W. Dewulf21
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) 105, Leuven, Belgium
Computed Tomography, Dimensional Metrology, Geometrical Misalignments, FDK reconstruction

iCT 2019
Session: Metrology
Thu 09:00 Auditorium
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