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Keyword: bridge,
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2019-04 APWSHM 2018 SHM for infrastructure
Novel AI-Based Railway SHM, Its Behaviour on Simulated Data versus Field Deployment
I. Gonzalez1, E. Khouri1, C. Gentile2, R. Karoumi1
1Royal Institute of Technology; KHT Royal Institute of Technology3, Stockholm, Sweden
2Department of Civil Engineering; Politecnico di Milano84, Milano, Italy
Damage detection, Bridge, SHM, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Session: SHM for infrastructure
2019-04 APWSHM 2018 Vibration-based Detection
Optimal Speed of a Moving Load for Damage Detection in Bridges
X. Zhu12, M. Cao16, J. Liu22, T. Deng32, W. Xu14
1Dep. of Engineering Mechanics; Hohai University 14, Nanjing, China
2College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering; Shandong Agricultural University2, Taian, China
3Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory; Environmental Geotechnical Engineering and Disaster Control2, Ganzhou, China
Optimal Speed, Moving Load, Bridge, Deflection, Damage Detection, Wavelet Transform

Session: Vibration-based Detection
2016-11 EWGAE 2016 Civil Engineering
AE Defect Evaluation of the Upper Anchorage Elements of a Stayed Bridge
S. Crespo5, F. Carrión5, J. Quintana5, F. Sepúlveda, J. Hernandez Figueroa2, H. Gasca2
Mexican Institute of transport6, Sanfandila, Querétaro, Mexico
EA Inspection, bridge, structural element, welding, steel, structural health monitoring

EWGAE 2016
Session: Civil Engineering
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 COST Action 1402. Health monitoring and structural performance assessment
Performance evaluation of a suspension bridge excited by wind and traffic induced action
J. Snaebjoernsson1, E. Cheynet2, J. Bogunovic Jakobsen2
1School of Science and Engineering; Reykjavik University, Reutte, Iceland
2Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science; University of Stavanger (UIS), Stavanger, Norway
statistical analysis, civil engineering, vibration analysis, condition monitoring, Proof of concept (SHM in action), COST-TU1402, Bridge, Wind, Full-scale, Response

EWSHM 2016
Session: COST Action 1402. Health monitoring and structural performan...
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Poster
Statistical Control methods applied to Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). The experience of Infiernillo 0 Bridge
D. García, O. Ramos Gutierrez, M. Pantaleon
APIA XXI; Louis Berger, Santander , Santander, Spain
civil engineering, Hurricane, Evolution, Pile, Bridge, Control

EWSHM 2016
Session: Poster
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM for bridges
Integrated Modeling and Monitoring of the Medieval Bridge Azzone Visconti
L. Barazzetti, F. Banfi, R. Brumana, M. Previtali, F. Roncoroni
Politecnico di Milano84, Milano, Italy
condition monitoring, image processing, Proof of concept (SHM in action), monitoring, bridge, BIM, SHM for bridges, surveying

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM for bridges
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM for bridges
Effects of Energy Harvesting Potential for Bridge Monitoring over its Life-Cycle
P. Cahill2, C. Hanley, A. Mathewson2, V. Jaksic, V. Pakrashi5
aDynamical Systems and Risk Laboratory bMicro & Nano Systems Centre, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork (UCC); University College Cork (UCC)4, Cork, Ireland
civil engineering, bridge, condition monitoring, Lifetime Management, degradation, Structural Health Monitoring, energy harvesting, Piezoelectric sensors, Annual Average Daily Traffic, Life- Cycle

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM for bridges
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM for bridges
Economical assessment of the SHM system of the Rio Papaloapan bridge
J. Quintana Rodriguez, F. Carrion Viramontes, S. Crespo Sanchez, J. Hernandez Figueroa2, H. Gasca Zamora
Mexican Institute of transport6, Sanfandila, Querétaro, Mexico
statistical analysis, civil engineering, condition monitoring, In-Service Inspection, Instrumentation, Integrity, FBG, bridge, SHM

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM for bridges
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM for bridges
Data Fusion of Accelerometers with Inclinometers for Reference-free High Fidelity Displacement Estimation
A. Ozdagli, F. Moreu, J. Gomez, S. Vemuganti, P. Garg
aDepartment of Civil Engineering bDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering; University of New Mexico , Albuquerque, NM, USA
NDT-wide, Other Methods, Modeling and Simulation, civil engineering, railway, bridge, vibration analysis, Displacement, Proof of concept (SHM in action), acceleration, tilt, railroad

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM for bridges
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 SHM for bridges
Development of site-specific live load models for bridge condition assessment based on long-term SHM data
Y. Xia3, Y. Ni8
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Hong Kong Polytechnic University32, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
civil engineering, Bridge, Live load model, Condition assessment, Structural health monitoring

EWSHM 2016
Session: SHM for bridges
2015-11 NDTCE 2015 Poster
Developing Reliability Based Bridge Inspection Practices
G. Washer15, M. Nasrollahi1, R. Connor2
1Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Missouri2, Columbia, MO, USA
2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Purdue University4, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
inspection, bridge, risk-based method, reliability, bridge management system

NDTCE 2015
Session: Poster
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Magnetic Testing
Diagnostics of Bridge Pavements by Ground Penetrating Radar
R. Matula, J. Stryk6, K. Pospisil6
Dept. of Infrastructure; Transport Research Centre8, Brno, Czech Republic
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), civil engineering, Ground Penetrating Radar, bridge, patches, velocity of EM signal propagation

ECNDT 2014
Session: Magnetic Testing
2014-08 Bau-ZfP 2014
Experimentell gestützte Tragsicherheitsbewertung von Straßenbrücken
D. Kahl3, M. Gutermann7
Institut für Experimentelle Statik; University of Bremen14, Bremen, Germany
Acoustic Emission (AE), civil engineering, bridge, in-situ, experimental safety evaluation, load test, road bridge
Bau-ZfP 2014
The Comparison Between TOFD and Conventional Ut Capabilities in Defect Sizing and Monitoring for Steel Structures Under Cyclic and Dynamic Loading
A. Yousefi3
Metallurgy laboratory; Iran Welding Research and Engineering Centre (IWREC)3, Tehran, Iran
TOFD, UT, Inspection, Bridge, Steel structure
Defektoskopie 2012
2013-04 CSHM 2012 Poster
Probabilistic Method for Estimating Remaining Fatigue Life in Steel Bridges
J. Fasl12, V. Samaras1, M. Reichenbach1, T. Helwig12, S. Wood12, D. Potter22, R. Lindenberg32
1University of Texas at Austin8, Austin, TX, USA
2National Instruments2, Austin, TX, USA
3Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.2, Northbrook, IL, USA
NDT-wide, bridge, fatigue damage, probabilistic, strain gauges
CSHM 2012
Session: Poster
2013-04 EWSHM 2012 Sensor Systems - General (Sensors)
Investigation of Low-Cost Accelerometer, Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Ground-Based Radar Interferometer for Vibration Monitoring of Bridges
F. Neitzel12, S. Weisbrich12, W. Niemeier2, M. Lehmann2
1Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science; Technische Universität (TU) Berlin79, Berlin, Germany
2Technische Universität Braunschweig (TU)43, Braunschweig, Germany
NDT-wide, Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), Other Methods, frequency analysis, bridge, vibration analysis, Accelerometer, Radar, 3D Laser scanner, Structural Health Monitoring, Synthetic Aperture Radar, IBIS-S

EWSHM 2012
Session: Sensor Systems - General (Sensors)
2011-12 PANNDT 2011 Poster
Detection by infrared thermography of the heat signature of diseases and defects in concrete structures of civil engineering
M. Nahant3
CRISIA; Haute Ecole Robert Schuman 3, Arlon, Belgium
Infrared Testing (IRT), bridge, concrete, reinforced concrete, delamination, infrared thermography, infrared testing, Honeycombing, rock-pocket

Session: Poster
2011-09 CanSmart2009
Structural Health Monitoring Using Vibration-Based Methods and Statistical Pattern Recognition Techniques
A. Noman, F. Deeba, A. Bagchi5
Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Concordia University11, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
bridge, finite element modelling, Structural Health Monitoring, Statistical Pattern Recognition, vibration-based damage identification

2011-05 CompNDT 2011 Other NDT Techniques for Composite Materials
Study of Pulsed Phase Thermography for the Detection of Honeycombing Defects in Concrete Structures
J. Van Leeuwen2, M. Nahant3, S. Paez2
Construction Dept.; Haute Ecole Robert Schuman 3, Arlon, Belgium
Infrared Testing (IRT), pulsed phase thermography, civil engineering, bridge, concrete, thermal NDT, detection, Honeycombing

CompNDT 2011
Session: Other NDT Techniques for Composite Materials
Rechtliche Aspekte der Bauwerkserhaltung
R. Holst4
Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) / Federal Highway Research Institute37, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
NDT-wide, civil engineering, bridge, Germany, defect characterization, Lifetime Management, maintenance, periodic inspection, Qualification of Inspection, diagnostic

DGZfP Bau 2010
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