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Title / Author(s) / Keywords PublicationDate
2019-08 DGZfP 2019 Phased Array
Applikationsspezifische Optimierung eines Phased-Array Sensors am Beispiel der Pipeline-Inspektion
M. Spies196, H. Rieder169, I. Lachtchouk22, M. Tschuch2
1Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)476, Saarbrücken, Germany
2Process & Pipeline Services; Baker Hughes, a GE company, Stutensee, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, Pipeline, Simulation, modeling, Optimierung, Prüfung

DGZfP 2019
Session: Phased Array
2019-05 ICWNDT 2018
Applications of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for Detecting Undercoating Defects on Main Gas Pipeline
A. Mohsin, M. Farooq2, T. Rahim2, M. Jan2, Z. Ahmed2
National Centre for Non-Destructive Testing (NCNDT)2, Islamabad, Pakistan
Pipeline, Cathodic Protection Stress Corrosion Cracking, Root Cause Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing

Using Guided Wave Technique as Corrosion Screening Tool on Pipeline Inspection
P. Lee5, C. Huang4
Taiwan Metal Quality Control Corporation5, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
guided wave, corrosion, screening, pipeline

Defektoskopie 2018
2019-04 Iran NDT 2018
Numerical Modeling and Experimental Study of MFL Technique for Detection of Sub-surface Pittings in Pipelines a
T. Azizzadeh2, M. Safizadeh7
Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)18, Tehran, Iran
Pipeline, Corrosion, Magnetic flux leakage

Iran NDT 2018
2019-03 NDT Days 2018 NDT of Power Nuclear Station Elements
Video Processing for Pipeline Inspection by Endoscopy
N. Nacereddine14, A. Boulmerka2, N. Mhamda12
1Research Center in Industrial Technologies, CRTI, Algiers, Algeria
2DMI; Centre University of Mila, Mila, Algeria
Pipeline, inspection, motorized engine, video/image processing, corrosion detection/interpretation

NDT Days 2018
Session: NDT of Power Nuclear Station Elements
2019-03 NDT Days 2018 Poster Session Other Methods
Метод за контрол чрез измерване на електрокинетични потенциали
Method of Control by Measurement of Electrokinetic Potentials
Kolev, I.; Kolev, G.
Key Diffusion Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria
control, electrokinetic potentials, filtration, barrages, dams, gas pipeline, pipeline

NDT Days 2018
Session: Poster Session Other Methods
Cross-country water pipeline leak detection
V. Sharma, S. Rebello3
Reliance Industries Limited3, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, India
Leak detection, Pipeline

NDE-India 2017
2017-11 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
Eddy Current Testing with Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Sensors and a Pipe-Encircling Excitation for Evaluation of Corrosion under Insulation
J. Bailey, N. Long, A. Hunze
Victoria University2, Wellington, New Zealand
eddy current testing, giant magnetoresistance (GMR) sensor, magnetic field analysis, corrosion under insulation, pipeline

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2017-09 DGZfP 2017 Defektnachweis / Akustische Verfahren
Automatisierte Ultraschallprüfung von CLAD-Rohren
J. Beißel1, J. Ininger16, B. Kenfenheuer14, D. Norton23
1GE Inspection Technologies GmbH310, Hürth, Germany
2Eisenbau Krämer GmbH 2, Kreuztal, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Pipeline, SAW, clad

DGZfP 2017
Session: Defektnachweis / Akustische Verfahren
2017-07 Iran NDT 2017
A Simulation Study of Attenuation Factors in a Gas Pipeline Guided Wave Testing
M. Naserabadi, B. Hayatgheib, S. Sodagar4
Faculty of Technical Inspection Engineering; Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)3, Ahwaz, Iran
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Pipeline, guided wave, Finite Element Method, Pigging Data

Iran NDT 2017
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Poster
A study of on-line monitoring and evaluation approach for oil and gas pipelines subsidence deformation
K. Ding11, F. Tang2, L. Chen, Y. He, G. Chen8, L. Yi
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI)42, Beijing, China
Other Methods, Pipeline, condition monitoring, subsidence deformation, strain analysis, distribute monitoring method, strain transfer health

EWSHM 2016
Session: Poster
charging wirelessly the robot inside pipeline
M. Chaari2
National Engineering School of Sfax2, Doha, Tunisia
Radiographic Testing (RT), Pipeline, X-ray, Inspection, Wireless Power Charging, Robot Crawler, NDT

NDT in Progress 2015
2015-11 NDTCE 2015 Poster
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Water Flow Conditions in Deteriorated Pipeline using Acoustic Emission Method
Y. Honda1, T. Suzuki17, T. Naka2, H. Taruya2
1aGraduate School of Science and Technology bFaculty of Agriculture; Niigata University3, Niigata, Japan
2NARO-National Institute for Rural Engineering (NIRE), , Japan
Pipeline, Water Flow, Non-destructive inspection, Acoustic emission

NDTCE 2015
Session: Poster
2015-09 NDCM 2015 Phased Array
Influence of seamless pipes wall thickness variation for the effectiveness of Automated Ultrasonic Testing
R. Nardo, D. Cerniglia5
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica, Gestionale, Informatica, Meccanica; University of Palermo6, Palermo, Italy
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Pipeline, Modelling, Phased Array, Offshore

NDCM 2015
Session: Phased Array
2015-07 NDT Canada 2015 NDT Technology
The Evolving NDT Method of 3D Laser Scanning for Inspection
D. Mackintosh2, B. Cornforth, T. Taylor2, K. Blevins, S. Langdon
Acuren Group Inc. 4, Edmonton, AB, Canada
personnel training and certification, Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), laser, profilometry, 3D, scanning, corrosion, pipeline

NDT Canada 2015
Session: NDT Technology
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
The Modern State of Eddy Current Testing in Russia
A. Efimov19, A. Shubochkin27
1JSC, SPECTRUM-RII25, Moscow, Russia
2SPECTRUM-GROUP Association65, Moscow, Russia
eddy current testing (ECT), aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, railway, steel plant, materials characterization, automatic control, pipeline, eddy current

ECNDT 2014
Session: Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
Automated eddy-current flaw detector-scanner for main steel pipelines inspection
V. Konnov13, A. Konnov1, T. Zagidulin22, R. Zagidulin2
1CJSC NPC; Molniya3, Moscow, Russia
2LLC NTC Spektr3, Ufa, Russia
eddy current testing (ECT), signal processing, chemical and petrochemical, Eddy-current, Defect size evaluation, Defect identification, Scanner, Pipeline

ECNDT 2014
Session: Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 In-service Inspection (offshores, chemical / petrochemical industry)
Automated Detection Of Defects Signature in Pipelines Using Ultra Sonic Thickness Images
C. Fouquet12, A. Histace22, P. Duvaut23
1TRAPIL Company3, Poissy, France
2ETIS / ENSEA; University of Cergy-Pontoise9, Cergy-Pontoise, France
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), image processing, Automatic Integrity Control, Pipeline

ECNDT 2014
Session: In-service Inspection (offshores, chemical / petrochemical i...
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 NDT in Pressure Equipment, Pipelines and Welding
Improved Inspection of CRA-Clad Pipeline Girth Welds with the Use of Accessible Advanced Ultrasonic Phased-Array Technology
A. Lamarre22
NDT; Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada29, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
offshore, chemical and petrochemical, phased array, phased-array, clad, CRA, pipeline,

ECNDT 2014
Session: NDT in Pressure Equipment, Pipelines and Welding
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Phased Array (UT)
Codes for Automatic Ultrasonic Testing ( AUT ) of Pipeline Girth Welds
M. Ghaemi3
IRAN NDT3, Tehran, Iran
phased array, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Pipeline, Girth weld, AUT, TOFD,

ECNDT 2014
Session: Phased Array (UT)
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