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2019-07 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
A Study of Sensor Placement Optimization Problem for Guided Wave-Based Damage Detection
R. Soman5, P. Kudela5, K. Balasubramaniam2, S. Singh3, P. Malinowski28
aInstitute of Fluid Flow Machinery bInstitute of Fluid-Flow Machinery; Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS)38, Gdansk, Poland
plate, guided waves, damage detection, optimization, sensor placement

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2019-04 APWSHM 2018 Vibration-based Detection
Perturbation Methods for Analysis of The Free Vibration of Thin Plates with Oblique Crack
B. Shi1, L. Wei1, Z. Wang2, X. Zhang13
1College of Mechanics and Materials,; Hohai University 14, Nanjing, China
2Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute2, Nanjing, China
Perturbation, Vibration, Crack, Plate

Session: Vibration-based Detection
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 8
The Study of Wave Propagation through Plates Welded Joints Using Guided Waves SH0 Mode
S. Yang14, P. Lee25, J. Cheng33, C. Tseng1
1Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering; National Sun Yat-Sen University4, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
2Taiwan Metal Quality Control Corporation5, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
3Cepstrum Technology Corporation3, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Modeling and Simulation, Finite element method, Magnetostrictive EMAT, SH0 guided wave, Plate, Defect testing., Weld

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 8
2015-11 NDTCE 2015 Foundations
Feature Identification on Vibration Response of Concrete Plates with Various Poisson’s Ratios
P. Tsai1, H. Wang28, T. Chang12, J. Wang3
1Department of Civil and Construction Engineering; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)6, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
2Institute of Bridge Engineering; CECI Engineering Consultants Inc.6, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
3Department of Civil Engineering; Army Academy, Taoyuan, Taiwan, Province of China
NDT-wide, frequency analysis, plate, numerical simulation, impact echo, guided waves, Cut-off frequencies, Lamb Waves, Wave mode analysis, resonance, Poisson’s ratio, one-dimensional wave theory

NDTCE 2015
Session: Foundations
2012-11 Journal-AE Volume 24, 2006
Small Diameter Waveguide for Wideband Acoustic Emission
M. Hamstad22
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering; University of Denver24, Denver, CO, USA
Acoustic Emission (AE), plate, Acoustic emission, waveguide, wideband
Session: Volume 24, 2006
2012-03 AIPnD 2011
Long Range Ultrasonic Technology on Large Steel Plates: an Echo Tomography Technique with Automated Defect Detection Capability
G. Asfis13, P. Stavrou1, M. Deere23, P. Chatzakos33, D. Fuloria2
1CE.RE.TE.TH, Karyes Trikala, Greece
2TWI Ltd (The Welding Institute)193, Great Abington, Cambridge, United Kingdom
3Department of Mechanical Engineering; National Technical University of Athen (NTUA)59, Athens, Greece
NDT-wide, Other Methods, plate, FEA, Tomography, LRUT
AIPnD 2011
R. Hedl2, J. Finda, G. Parthasarathy
Advanced Technology, Honeywell Inc.2, Brno, Czech Republic
phased array, aerospace, plate, optimization, Corrosion, Lamb Waves, fuselage panel, PZT actuator

Defektoskopie 2010
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
Risstiefenmessung mit der Phased-Array-Technologie
H. Küchler6
Olympus Deutschland GmbH15, Hamburg, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), mode conversion, nuclear, power plant, heat exchanger, Pipeline, plate, reactor, weld, bars, pressure equipment, Steel, crack, crack depth, surface cracks, crack detection
DGZfP 2010
Session: Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
NDT of Pipes and Plates at High Temperatures
K. Wu1,212, Z. Sun23, C. Jen213, J. Bussiere23
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; McGill University16, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2aIndustrial Materials Instituteand Computer Vision Lab. bIndustrial Materials Institute; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), piezo-composite, transducer array, guided waves (lamb waves), aerospace, power plant, Pipeline, plate, corrosion testing, in-situ, diagnostic

NDT Canada 2010
Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesively Bonded Aluminum Plates by Lamb Waves
F. Honarvar126, S. Rohani2,13
1Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; University of Toronto43, Toronto, Canada
2K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNT)27, Tehran, Iran
Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic, Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Lamb wave, Testing, adhesive joint, Aluminium, plate

NDT Canada 2010
2010-10 EWGAE 2010 Acoustic Emission Signal Detection and Processing
Frequencies and Amplitudes of AE Signals in a Plate as a Function of Source Rise Time
M. Hamstad22
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering; University of Denver24, Denver, CO, USA
Acoustic Emission (AE), amplitude, frequency, plate, Source rise time

EWGAE 2010
Session: Acoustic Emission Signal Detection and Processing
2009-10 NDT-Slovenia 2009 Ultrasonic Testing
Application of High-Amplitude Ultrasound for Nondestructive Evaluation
T. Pozar3, P. Gregoreie, j. Mozina4
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Ljubljana99, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), laser ultrasound, longitudinal waves, Sound propagation, wave propagation, time of flight, Other Methods, Interferometry, plate
NDT-Slovenia 2009
Session: Ultrasonic Testing
2009-02 DGZfP 2008 Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
ECHOGRAPH 1093 Ultraschall-Prüfelektronik - Beispiele zur automatisierten Komponentenprüfung mit Ultraschall aus der Stahl- und Automobilindustrie
W. Deutsch65, V. Schuster10, K. Maxam15, M. Lok2
Karl Deutsch Pruef- und Messgeraetebau124, Wuppertal, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), automotive, steel plant, plate, gear shaft, cleanliness of steel
DGZfP 2008
Session: Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
2008-11 WCNDT 2008 Ultrasonic Testing
Evaluation of Depth of Deterioration of Concrete Structure after Fire Using Stress Wave Method
C. Cheng4
Department of Construction Engineering; Chaoyang University of Technology15, Taichung, Taiwan, Province of China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), impact-echo, surface wave, wave propagation, civil engineering, concrete, plate, in-situ, surface cracks, fire
WCNDT 2008
Session: Ultrasonic Testing
2008-11 WCNDT 2008 Ultrasonic Testing - Guided Wave
New Ultrasonic Guided Wave Testing using Remote Excitation of Trapped Energy Mode
M. Onoe14, K. Oka2, T. Suzuki2
1University of Tokyo66, Tokyo, Japan
2KGK Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), velocity, mode conversion, wave propagation, guided waves, Pipeline, plate
WCNDT 2008
Session: Ultrasonic Testing - Guided Wave
2008-11 WCNDT 2008 Ultrasonic Testing - Guided Wave
Ultrasonic Tomography of Guided Wave
L. Jin1, Y. Cho113, J. Rose226
1Graduate School, School of Mechanical Engineering; Pusan National University21, Busan, South Korea
2Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics; Pennsylvania State University (PennState)51, University Park, PA, USA
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), mode conversion, ultrasonic tomography, guided waves, tomography, plate
WCNDT 2008
Session: Ultrasonic Testing - Guided Wave
2008-11 WCNDT 2008 Ultrasonic Testing - Phased Array
P. Coperet9
Socomate International13, Crécy la Chapelle, France
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, High-Speed Dynamics, nuclear, railway, steel plant, plate, tubes and pipes, billets, flaw detection, tubes
WCNDT 2008
Session: Ultrasonic Testing - Phased Array
2008-10 Laser-UT 2008 Fundamentals, Techniques and Technologies
Measurement of Laser-Ultrasound using a Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer
C. Lim1, H. Park1, H. Huh1, M. Kang12, J. Oh1, Y. Nagata22, H. Yamada24, N. Hamada2
1Instrumentation Research Group; POSCO Technical Research Laboratories, Pohang, South Korea
2Environment & Process Technology Center; Nippon Steel Corporation3, , Japan
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), laser ultrasound, fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer, polarization maintaining fiber (PMF), plate
Laser-UT 2008
Session: Fundamentals, Techniques and Technologies
Lamb Wave Interaction with a Fatigue Crack in a Thin Sheet of Al2024-T3
S. Kuznetsov14, E. Ozolinsh13, I. Ozolinsh15, I. Pavelko16, V. Pavelko16, M. Wevers254, H. Pfeiffer2,328
1Aircraft Strength and Fatigue Durability Department; Riga Technical University16, Riga, Latvia
2aDepartment of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering bDepartment of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (MTM); Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) 105, Leuven, Belgium
3METALogic8, Leuven, Belgium
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), lamb wave, aerospace, plate, fatigue damage
AircraftISHA 2007
open document Departure of Automated Ultrasonic Testing to JSC ?Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works?
Nordinkraft Company11, Cherepovets, Russia
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), non-contact ultrasound, Automated System, instrumentation, steel plant, plate, in-process
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