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Title / Author(s) / Keywords PublicationDate
2020-05 PANNDT 2019
Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Inspection Using Apris
V. Sivanandam2
Talcyon Pte Ltd2, , Singapore
NDT-wide, Other Methods, boiler, heat exchanger, tubes and pipes, acoustic, ERW Pipe, Furnace Tube Inspection System (FTIS), pressure tube, pipe inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Small diameter pipes, NDT pipe inspection, tube inspection, boiler tube inspection, tubing piping, tube testing, Heat Exchanger Tubes

2012-11 EWGAE 2012 Poster Presentations (Not Reviewed)
Damage Evaluation for Type-ll CNG Cylinder by the Analysis of AE parameters During Fatigue Test
H. Jee16, J. Lee14, N. Ju16, C. So23, J. Lee33
1aElevator Technology Group bAuthorized Nuclear Inspection Group; Korea Institute of Material Science6, CHANGWON, South Korea
2Dong Shin University3, Naju, South Korea
3Pukyong National University3, , South Korea
fatigue damage, tubes and pipes, Acoustic Emission (AE), CNG cylinder, damage evaluation, acoustic emission

EWGAE 2012
Session: Poster Presentations (Not Reviewed)
2011-03 AeroNDT 2010 Emerging Technologies
Terahertz Imaging for Non-Destructive Testing
J. Jonuscheit10, R. Beigang3, F. Ellrich2, J. Klier3, C. Matheis3, D. Molter, M. Theuer
Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM11, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Terahertz, aerospace, automotive, security, adhesive joint, ceramic, coating, plastic, polymers, tubes and pipes, delamination, thickness, adhesives, Fatigue, crack detection, materials analysis

AeroNDT 2010
Session: Emerging Technologies
2011-03 AeroNDT 2010 Image processing
Optimization of Rod Anode Tubes for X-ray Inspection of Aircraft Engine Weldings
T. Fröba7, J. Steffen11
X-RAY WorX GmbH18, Garbsen, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), microfocus x-ray, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, offshore, power plant, heat exchanger, tank inspection, tubes and pipes, turbine, weld, crack, Digital Radiography

AeroNDT 2010
Session: Image processing
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Oberflächenverfahren
Niederfrequente Wirbelstrom-Arrays mit Videotakt
G. Mook160, P. Rost213, F. Michel118, J. Simonin123
1Institut für Werkstofftechnik und -prüfung; University of Magdeburg (OVGU)87, Magdeburg, Germany
2Anlagenüberwachung / Werkstofftechnik; BASF27, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), eddy current testing probe array, visualization, chemical and petrochemical, tubes and pipes

DGZfP 2010
Session: Oberflächenverfahren
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Optische Verfahren
Angepasste Beleuchtung zur Prüfung zylindrischer Bohrungen
Y. Caulier19, K. Spinnler18, M. Arnold14, A. Pösch2
1Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)185, Fürth, Germany
2Institut für Mess- und Regelungstechnik; University of Hannover4, Hannover, Germany
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), endoscopy, aerospace, automotive, tubes and pipes, Automated Defect Recognition ADR, Automated System, flaw detection, imaging, quality assurance, borehole, hollow-space

DGZfP 2010
Session: Optische Verfahren
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
Mobiles Prüfsystem für die mechanisierte Handprüfung von Rohren und Stangen, auch in geführter Tauchtechnik
C. Köhler30, S. Schröder3, G. Vogt47
VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH80, Burgwedel, Germany
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), tubes and pipes, Steel
DGZfP 2010
Session: Ultraschallprüfung (UT)
NDE Based Finite Element Modeling & Analysis of Wall Thinning in CANDU Feeders
U. Abdelsalam, D. Vijay
AMEC NSS Ltd.4, Toronto, Canada
Acoustic Emission (AE), Inspection, Modeling and Simulation, 3D modeling, FEM, Simulation, Bend, Elbow, Pressure Requirement, nuclear, power plant, pressure vessel, tubes and pipes, Carbon steel, stress, thickness, Fitness for Service, strength, Structural integrity, ASME, FEA, life assessment

NDT Canada 2010
Small Diameter Pipe Inspections
A. Lamarre122, M. Moles †2014247, P. Kaszuba2, C. Piette2
1Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada29, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
2Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)239, Waltham, MA, USA
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), low profile scanner, semi-automated inspection, focused probes, tubes and pipes, weld, Small diameter pipes

NDT Canada 2010
Enhanced Measurement of Erosion & Corrosion Rates in CANDU Feeder Tubes
V. Safavi, F. Honarvar26, A. Sinclair19
aMechanical and Industrial Engineering bMechanical & Industrial Engineering; University of Toronto43, Toronto, Canada
Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), time of flight, wavelet, Modeling and Simulation, signal processing, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, tubes and pipes, corrosion testing, Dimensional Measurement

NDT Canada 2010
Ultrasonic Detection and Sizing of Off-Axis Flaws in Pressure Tubes
A. Karpelson27
Kinectrics Inc.37, Toronto, Canada
Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), transducer, acoustic imaging, 3D imaging, power plant, tubes and pipes, flaw sizing, flaw detection

NDT Canada 2010
Schnelles Prüfanlagensteuerungssystem 'SPASS' in der Rohrproduktion
W. Weingarten12, G. Fischer16, S. HERRMANN2
1Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH62, Duisburg, Germany
2Salzgitter Mannesmann Präzisrohr GmbH, Burbach-Holzhausen, Germany
Other Methods, Transport Control System, automated data collection, Automated System, Classification, visualization, detection, tubes and pipes, Process control

NDT.net Journal
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Computed Tomography
A Translation-based Data Acquisition Scheme for Industrial Computed Tomography
T. Fuchs26, T. Schön18, R. Hanke34
Development Center X-ray technology (EZRT); Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)185, Fürth, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), computed tomography (CT), 3D Computed Tomography, x-ray imaging, image acquisition, image reconstruction, reconstruction, reconstruction algorithm, tomography, chemical and petrochemical, civil engineering, nuclear, power plant, Architecture, tubes and pipes, Seamless Tubes, corrosion under insulation, flaw sizing, crack, flaw detection, Fatigue Crack, fatigue cracks, hidden corrosion, crack detection
ECNDT 2010
Session: Computed Tomography
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 NDT In Power Industry
Capabilities of the Method for Assessment of Deformation under Stress at Inspection of Nuclear Power Facilities
Y. Yermakov, o. Tivanova
Institute of Nuclear Physics; National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Testing, nuclear, Aluminium, austenitic, tubes and pipes, stainless steel welds, diagnostic
ECNDT 2010
Session: NDT In Power Industry
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
Thermal and Thermographical Modelling of the Rust Effect in Oil Conduits
N. Laaidi7, S. Belattar26, A. Elballouti5
Faculty of Sciences, Laboratory of Electronics, Instrumentation and processing of the signal; Chouaib Doukkali University24, El Jadida, Morocco
Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, finite element method (FEM), Modeling and Simulation, Corrosion, tubes and pipes
ECNDT 2010
Session: Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Ultrasonic Testing
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Heavy-Wall Seamless Tubes by Means of a Testing Portal
W. Deutsch165, M. Joswig116, K. Maxam115, S. Nitsche216, M. Vahe34, A. Noël38, P. Pichard42, S. Deutsch45
1Karl Deutsch Pruef- und Messgeraetebau124, Wuppertal, Germany
2Vallourec & Mannesmann Deutschland GmbH18, Düsseldorf, Germany
3VRA (Vallourec Research Aulnoye); Vallourec Research Center France (VRCF)51, Aulnoye-Aymeries, France
4Eddyfi Technologies / M2M44, Les Ulis, France
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, automated ultrasonic testing (AUT), C-scan, steel plant, tubes and pipes
ECNDT 2010
Session: Ultrasonic Testing
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing and Flaw Characterization
A. Karpelson27
Kinectrics Inc.37, Toronto, Canada
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), transducer, ultrasonic imaging, power plant, tubes and pipes, Metals, flaw sizing, flaw detection
ECNDT 2010
Session: Ultrasonic Testing
2010-06 JRC-NDE 2009 Developments in Electromagnetic Inspection Methods / Developments in Visual and Other NDE Methods
Electromagnetic NDE for Selective Leaching
K. Krzywosz12
NDE Center; Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)95, Charlotte, NC, USA
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), remote field eddy current technique (RFEC), nuclear, tubes and pipes, Ferromagnetic Materials, gray cast iron, corrosion testing, materials characterization

JRC-NDE 2009
Session: Developments in Electromagnetic Inspection Methods / Develop...
2010-03 MENDT 2009
Phased Arrays for Small Diameter, Thin-Walled Piping Inspections
M. Moles †2014147, E. Ginzel2102
1Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)239, Waltham, MA, USA
2Materials Research Institute105, Waterloo, Canada
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, automated ultrasonic testing (AUT), tubes and pipes, weld
MENDT 2009
2010-02 DGZfP 2009 Hersteller und Lieferanten von Prüfgeräten und Zubehör
Möglichkeiten der Lecksuche mit Ultraschall
S. Zur Horst-Meyer6
SONOTEC GmbH60, Halle, Germany
Leak Testing (LT), ultrasonic leak testing, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, tubes and pipes, bearing, CFK, container, pressure equipment
DGZfP 2009
Session: Hersteller und Lieferanten von Prüfgeräten und Zubehör
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