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2020-03 NDT Days 2019
Валидирани технически решения за контрол без разрушаване на заварените газопроводи
Validated Technical Solutions for Non Destructive Inspection of Welded Gas Pipelines
Skordev, A.
Skordev Ltd
Sofia, Bulgaria
non-destructive testing, inspection, gas pipelines, weld, discontinuity, norms, technical solution, requirements, validate

NDT Days 2019
2020-02 AeroNDT 2019 NDT Methods - From Microwave to Thermography
Single-shot pulsed terahertz non-destructive evaluation systems for in-line production control and automated inspection
X. Neiers4, M. Cavallari, U. Schmidhammer4
Teratonics S.A.S, Orsay, France
Other Methods, bonding, composite, plastic, weld, thickness, Dimensional control, Terahertz NDT&E method, Defect sizing and imaging, Mobile NDT&E for maintenance, Production integrated NDT&E

AeroNDT 2019
Session: NDT Methods - From Microwave to Thermography
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Acoustic Emission
Advantage of Eddy Current Array over Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing
G. Morais
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada29, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Eddy Curent Array, Weld, Pipe Line

Session: Acoustic Emission
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Poster Display
Research on the Detection Path of Stoppling Tees based on CIVA Software
C. Zhao, W. Niu, J. Zhang, Y. Si, B. Hao, Y. Liu2
aResearch and development department bBusiness development department cInformation department cResearch and development; Tianjin Special Equipment Inspection Institute2, Tianjin, China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), stoppling tees, CIVA simulation, ultrasonic phased array, weld, intersecting line

Session: Poster Display
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 8
The Study of Wave Propagation through Plates Welded Joints Using Guided Waves SH0 Mode
S. Yang14, P. Lee25, J. Cheng33, C. Tseng1
1Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering; National Sun Yat-Sen University4, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
2Taiwan Metal Quality Control Corporation5, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
3Cepstrum Technology Corporation3, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Modeling and Simulation, Finite element method, Magnetostrictive EMAT, SH0 guided wave, Plate, Defect testing., Weld

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 8
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 8
Propagation of Ultrasonic Guide Wave in Weld and Defect Detection
D. Chi3, S. Ma
State key lab of advanced welding and joining; Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)38, Harbin, China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Weld, Finite-element, Guided wave, Defect detection

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 8
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 9
Single-Sided Contact-Free Ultrasonic Testing – A New Air-Coupled Inspection Technology for Weld and Bond Testing
M. Kiel112, R. Steinhausen113, A. Bodi210, M. Lucas23
1Forschungszentrum Ultraschall Halle gGmbH15, Halle, Germany
2SONOTEC GmbH58, Halle, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Composites, Weld, Bond, Contact-free, Air-coupled

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 9
2018-02 iCT 2018 NDT, instrumentation and manufacturing
Rapid robotic X-ray computed tomography of large assemblies in automotive production
M. Krumm124, C. Sauerwein126, V. Hämmerle110, S. Heile12, T. Schön218, A. Jung2, M. Sindel34
1RayScan Technologies GmbH14, Meersburg, Germany
2Dev. Center for X-ray Technology ( EZRT); Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)185, Fürth, Germany
3AUDI AG5, Neckarsulm, Germany
X-ray, computed tomography, XCT, automotive, weld, rivet, glue, non-destructive, testing, imaging

iCT 2018
Session: NDT, instrumentation and manufacturing
TOFD Examination of HDPE Butt Weld Fusion Joints
C. Correia6
Grupo Endalloy C.A.2, Caracas, Venezuela
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), weld, TOFD, HDPE

NDT.net Journal
2016-12 NDT Canada 2016 New applications of current NDT methods
True Advancements for Longitudinal Weld Pipe Inspection in PA
P. Rioux113, J. Turcotte19, P. Cyr28
1Sonatest17, Quebec, Canada
2Eclipse Scientific Products48, Waterloo, Canada
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), array, phased, weld, seam, surface, curved

NDT Canada 2016
Session: New applications of current NDT methods
CR – Systems for use in weld inspection with adherence to ISO17636-02
D. Kiesel3
Inspection Technologies - Radiography; GE Inspection Technologies69, Wunstorf, Germany
standardisation, Radiographic Testing (RT), CR, Computed Radiography, Conversion, weld

NDT Malaysia 2015
2015-10 PANNDT 2015
Solución WELD: Una solución clave para la inspección de Soldadura combinando PAUT & TOFD
C. Triveno
ZETEC, Houston, USA
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), PAUT/TOFD, Weld, inspection, ZETEC

2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
New developments in the use of flexible PCB-based eddy current array probes for the surface inspection of welds and pipes
A. Lamarre22
NDT; Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada29, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
eddy current testing (ECT), power plant, SCC, weld, array, eddy current, PCB

ECNDT 2014
Session: Eddy Current and Electromagnetic Testing
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 NDT in Power Generation
An Efficient Implementation of PAUT & TOFD for Weld Inspection
J. Poirier6, L. Enenkel5, P. Tremblay9, J. Berlanger11
Zetec85, Snoqualmie, WA, USA
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, chemical and petrochemical, civil engineering, nuclear, offshore, WELD, PAUT, TOFD

ECNDT 2014
Session: NDT in Power Generation
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Radiography and Computed Tomography
Quality Analysis of Helically Welded Tube Joints
M. Gatial1, J. Viňáš2, J. Poľak1
1U.S.Steel Košice, s.r.o (USS)2, Kosice, Slovakia
2Department of Technology and Materials; Technical University of Košice2, Kosice, Slovakia
Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), weld, Submerged arc welding, quality, pipeline

ECNDT 2014
Session: Radiography and Computed Tomography
2014-12 ECNDT 2014 Signal and image processing in NDT/NDE
Infrared Thermography as an alternative for traditional weld inspection methods thanks to signal processing techniques
A. Garcia De La Yedra4, A. Echeverria3, A. Beizama3, R. Fuent, E. Fernández6
IK4 LORTEK Research Centre8, Ordizia, Spain
NDT-wide, Infrared Testing (IRT), thermal NDT, image processing, signal processing, TSR, laser-line heating, IRT, surface defects, weld

ECNDT 2014
Session: Signal and image processing in NDT/NDE
2014-03 DGZfP 2013 Radiographie
Auswahlkriterien und Klassifizierung digitaler Detektoren für die technische Radiographie
U. Zscherpel110, U. Ewert213, S. Bär5, M. Jechow18
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1324, Berlin, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), weld, Digital Radiography, film replacement, Digital Detector Arrays, Computed Radiography, Standards
DGZfP 2013
Session: Radiographie
Use of Lamb Waves High Modes in Weld Testing
E. Moreno17, R. Otero29, B. ARREGI1, N. Galarza13, B. Rubio13
1Technological Centre; Fundacion Tecnalia R&I5, Minano, Spain
2Centro de Tecnología de Materiales; Fundación Instituto de Ingeniería3, Caracas, Venezuela
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), weld, guided waves, Lamb wave

NDT.net Journal
2012-11 EWGAE 2012 Poster Presentations
AE Study of Damage Evolution in Pressure Vessels under Cyclic Loading
A. Laksimi19, C. Hervé217, C. Ennaceur16, M. Cherfaoui211
1Laboratoire Roberval; Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)11, Compiègne, France
2Département Equipements sous pression et Ingénierie de l’Instrumentation; French Industrial and Mechanical Technical Centre (CETIM)92, Senlis, France
Acoustic Emission (AE), pressure vessel, weld, crack detection, crack propagation, cyclic loading, Acoustic emission

EWGAE 2012
Session: Poster Presentations
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Modelling
Numerical Characterisation of Guided Wave Scattering Due to Welds in Rails
P. Loveday7, C. Long4
CSIR Materials Science and Manufacturing11, Pretoria, South Africa
Guided wave, train rail, scattering, weld, semi-analytical finite element (SAFE)

WCNDT 2012
Session: Modelling
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